Take Care With Your Boundaries

One form of kindness that is not obvious is setting good boundaries in life.  Like the old quote about good fences making good neighbors, clear (but not overly rigid) definitions help in our personal, professional and community relationships.  Boundaries let people know what to expect, what not to expect and what is expected of them.  They help us adjust and calibrate our behavior. 

What makes a good boundary?  Being yourself while appreciating others.  Know what you want as you value other people. Communicate your self knowledge and stand up for what you believe in without harming anybody or anything.  Although we all constantly change like ebb and flow throughout life, if we are clear and respectful with ourselves we can be clear and respectful with other people.    

Most of us have been burned by letting something slide only to have to deal with a dramatic evolution of the problem later.  Don't focus on what other people think of you.  It is better to be proactive if something is nagging at us a little than reactive to a full blown crisis later on.  Setting boundaries gives us space, breathing room to be ourselves and the ability to enjoy other people and life.  Setting good boundaries is a way of taking care of ourselves and all the people we interact with.   

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