Take care of your temple!

I went to the doctors the other day. I visited that government site on the internet and bought some of that insurance since I am still working for the staffing agency that does not have insurance as an option to buy. So now I am able to afford the doctors office visits again. 

I was very surprised at the number of what my weight is. I mean not in a good way- disappointed would be a better word. I have been making changes in my diet to get healthy. Since the doctor is insisting I have diabetes I have been making major changes in my diet. And there are a couple of us from the church that are meeting on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after work to work out together. We are holding each other accountable. We want to loose some serious weight and be healthier all around. So I am making more changes. This has to definitely be a lifestyle change because if I just diet the moment I loose all the weight and stop the diet I will end up eventfully right back where I am now. And that is not an option. I believe that once I get the weight off there will not be any more high blood pressure or diabetes to fool with. So I am very serious now about getting this weight off. The Made to Crave series has helped me to see that food is not the answer. I am getting that back out and will complete the series. 

God has been working on me again. He is telling me I have to get this under control. I have to take better care of my temple. I am to not take on any more projects until I get the things I have currently on my plate done. I am to get this eating thing under control and do what the doctor says to stay healthy. And he is saying the clutter has to go! It is keeping me from doing all that I need to do because I can’t concentrate because of the clutter. So- I have been working on getting the house better organized. It has been good! So far I have the moved the living room furniture around and am ready to start moving the bedroom furniture. It is going to be great. Then I will need to move the things off the tables that are causing the clutter there. I am ready to put out my pretty things. I have lived here in the cutest little rent house ever for two years now- and am just now getting things put where they need to go. My land lord has said in Spring he will start doing some repair work around here. He has talked about needing to put on a new roof and to fix the porch and repaint there. That will be awesome! 

Anyway – this has all had me thinking about what should be next how to get there. How do I be the leader I am supposed to be if I am struggling so. One morning on my way to work I noticed the train that runs down the middle of the highway that cuts across town, There was a red light on the very back of the caboose. I could not see the engine as it has already gone down the small hill and disappeared under the highway. It struck me that we are like a caboose sometimes. We latch on to the “car” in front of us and blindly follow along. As leaders -Christians -we should be more concerned at how we can make our world better and be ready to break out on our own. To not be so easily persuaded to just go along with the flow. We should study the word and spread the good news by our actions. We should be conscious of what out words are saying when we speak. 

This all works in with the verse God gave me during the fast this year - 

Proverbs 18:20 NLV

Wise words satisfy like a good meal; the right words bring satisfaction. 

We definitely (we meaning me) needs to watch what I say and how I say it. But that also ties in to a lot of other areas in my life. I need to keep working on my diet and making my body healthy again. Knowing that the end result is that I will be the person God has called me to be and will be able to do what he has called me to do makes this all so worth it! 

It means a lot that you are following along with me and supporting me in this as well. Tell me what kinds of things – if any- that you are working on making changes about. 

I am praying for you!

Miss Wanda



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