Take Great Pics of Your Baby!

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Taking pictures of new babies is something that all new parents do. Grandparents, friends and other family members all want to see the newest addition. However, in a sleep deprivation haze, you might not know how to get frame-worthy photos of your own little one. This post by Chessa of Ciao, Chessa! has a bunch of great tips -- and pictures -- to help you out!

Five Tips for Taking Pictures of Babies:

Beautiful baby1. Take A LOT of photographs. Take A LOT of photographs EVERY DAY.

Take it from me, babies grow really fast. One minute they are teeny and then suddenly one morning you wake up and there they are sitting up in their crib clapping their hands when you walk in. True story.

Also, while you're taking all of these great photos, try to tell a story. Lucia is quite the actress as you can see from this little series of pictures...

Read the rest of the post for four other tips and many adorable photos.

Photo Credit: Chessa, used with permission.

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