Hey, NFL fans! Whether you’re a fan of the game or a fan of the party, show us how you prepare for game day for a chance to win a trip to the 2011 Pro Bowl in Hawaii!

This football season, YOU have a chance to win some amazing prizes!  In football speak, “Taking it to the House” means scoring a long touchdown, but this season, Procter & Gamble wants to help you take it to the house as part of their Facebook photo contest. 

Show P&G how you bring NFL game day to life at home with your football family for an opportunity to meet an NFL legend, get a $10,000 donation for children’s health and wellness in your community in support of NFL PLAY 60 and win awesome P&G products.  One lucky Grand Prize Winner will even win a trip to the 2011 Pro Bowl in Hawaii! 

It’s easy!  Just submit a photo of your “football family” on NFL game day.  For more information on “Take it to the House” and to enter the photo contest, visit www.facebook.com/TakeItToTheHouse and click the contest tab.

Now, click on any of the links below to read how these bloggers get ready for NFL game day.  Don’t forget to also enter for a chance to win a trip to the 2011 Pro Bowl at www.facebook.com/TakeItToTheHouse.

"We are a NY Giants family.  And we come by it honestly.  My husband grew up about 40 minutes from Giants stadium...a stadium that his grandfather had a hand in building.  Getting ready for a game day depends on the game...the one they have the most fun getting ready for comes once a year." Click to read more at Little Bit Funky.

"But back to next weekend, to go along with our traditional game day Buffalo Wings, I’ll also be making these delicious blackened chicken and black bean nachos. By the time everyone indulges in my wings and these tasty nachos, they will all be stuffed!" Click to read her recipe at Eclectic Recipes.

"As far back as I can remember Sundays in the fall and winter consisted of three things: Church, Popeye’s Chicken and the Saints game." Click to read what Elizabeth from Elizabeth's Edible Experience serves on football Sunday's!

"For the past five years, my two oldest boys have been on their high school football teams. And I've calculated that with the five younger boys coming up quickly behind them, I will be attending football games every fall for the next eighteen years, literally, no joke." Check out 11th Heaven's Top Ten Finger Foods for Game Day!

"Some of my earliest memories involve the Houston Oilers. I not only had a “Luv Ya Blue” t-shirt, but an Earl Campbell jersey. And I wore them both with pride. I thought the greatest thing in life would be to grow up to be a Derrick Doll." Click to read more at Big Mama.

"When I was a kid I would fall asleep watching football with my dad on Sunday afternoons. The Redskins was his team. I have a lot of memories about the Redskins. My great-grandmother liked the Redskins too. And the Houston Oilers (now known as the Houston Texans for the young folk). Football is in my genes." Click to read more at Three Hobbits and a Giant.

"My husband has been a Denver Broncos fan for years and so we are all fans by default. My 9-year old, however, pledges his devotion to Eli Manning and the New York Giants, which pleases to me to no end because I see both Manning brothers as well-spoken, classy, hard-working role models for any sports-loving kid." Click to read Cookin' Canuck.

"The contest, in which each family member brings the funniest story to football Sunday, determines who wears the good luck necklace. It has, for years and years, brought incredible luck to the bearer of the necklace and the team that this person supports." Click to read Vodka Mom.

"And you absolutely, positively must bleed black and gold. It says so right on your birth certificate. "Born in Pittsburgh, PA" is Yinz for "Born to be a Steelers fan," after all." Click to read The Burgh Baby.

"Got to love football season in a divided house. One of us, yours truly, is a Buffalo fan, displaced in Dallas, and just might have taught the kids how to cheer "Let's Go Buffalo" even when they aren’t playing." Click to read BentoLunch.net.

"Under any circumstances. I wasn't going to join the football league to get beat by nine jersey-wearing women who were talking all about running backs and quarter backs and half backs and tight ends and other things I about which I was clueless. No way." Click to read Slice of Pink.

"So the morning of a game we get out and sport all of our Cardinal Gear which includes our shirts and our hats. About an hour before the game I face paint the boys faces with the infamous Cardinal. I think this is the boy’s favorite part of game day!!! And I enjoy being able to make it so special for them." Click to read Shannon Makes Stuff.

"I love the sense of coziness, excitement, and family as we snuggle in front of the fireplace enjoying the time spent together. And no game is complete without “game” food – which is another name for all the munchies and snacks that I would normally not allow myself to indulge in." Click to read Neen Machine.

"Football is a pretty big deal in our house. I've expressed my love for game day parties and flair in several of my blog posts. We will always cheer for our alma mater. When it comes to the NFL, we like many teams! Some days we cheer for the under dog, some days we cheer for what I consider my hometown team, the Cowboys. I'm from Texas so I feel the need to always show them support!" Click to read In This Wonderful Life.

"I have watched football since I can remember and it has always involved “food”.  My sister, Susan, and I use to watch the games religiously every Sunday." Click to check out Chez Us' game day hummus recipe!

"We live in the south. This is football country. Friday night is high school football, Saturday morning is the grade school games, and Saturday afternoon brings the college contests. Sunday is all about the NFL, and we live in a House Divided." Click to read Busy Mom.

"I've got an 18 year old boy who loves football. And an (age kept private!) husband who loves football - almost as much as I do! Football is a great sport, and it's one that I can - and do - watch all the time. All day Sunday, Monday and Thursday nights." Click to read Mom to the Screaming Masses.

"So yes – I’m sure you guessed.  Having grown up in Kansas, and now making my home in Kansas City, I’m a big fan of our Chiefs, who kicked off the year with a bang!  :-)  Unfortunately, I almost always have to work on Sunday afternoons, so it’s the rare occasion that I get to be home and with friends to watch the game.  But when we do (and especially during the SuperBowl!), I absolutely love afternoons filled with great friends, a great game (hopefully!), and of course…lots of great food!" Click to read Gimme Some Oven.

"We love tailgating! We head down to a parking lot outside the HHH Metrodome typically about four hours before kick off. The group is made up of mostly my husband's childhood friends (and their friends/spouses), so our group is light on estrogen. Before I came along, they typically would each bring like one chicken breast in a baggie (not joking), so it's been tough trying to bring it up a notch, but I'm trying!" Click to read These Prices.

"On Game Days, which are both Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday in our house, we kick off the three-day football festivities with an all around crowd pleaser: Chris’ chili." Click to read Marriage Confessions.

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