Take Me To Your Reader

Uhm... okay I'll just jump in.

I'm at the dog park on one of these "frozen tundra" what-the-hell-are-you-doing-outdoors type days. We are the only ones at the park. I have frostbite closing in on at least 3 different extremities. A large glowing orb slowly descend from the sky. I walk closer to it because - at this point - my instincts are telling me "It could be a miracle fire pit that some higher power sent me to keep me warm. It would be wrong to reject it."

It's not a fire pit. It's an alien spaceship. But I still think it could be a heat source so I continue my approach. I'm going to die out here anyways.

This blobby being exits the spaceship and says "whathabyoudonetoblaytfatsprodumtive?"

I took that to mean "what have you done today that was productive?" cocked my head and answered "...well not much, I'll be honest with you. Did you visit my mother before stopping here? Uhm... well, I took the kid to school. I cooked something that is sharable, I drew a bad picture and wrote a post."




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