Take a page from Talia's book

Yesterday was a sad day. Talia Castellano lost her battle to cancer. She was 13.

I didn’t know her personally but I watched her videos on YouTube, her username was and is taliajoy18. And that she was a breath of fresh air and joy for all of us. With her strength and courage she showed people that just because fate has dealt you a bad hand you can still do great things.

Let her lead you by example, whether you are a teen or an adult like me. Live and do great things, don’t hide behind excuses, take a chance and do something with your life.

It’s sad how most of us just coast, never fully appreciate what we have and here was a strong beautiful soul who battled a terrible disease and still achieved greatness.

It’s sad to see many able human beings coasting through the system; expecting and demanding help they don’t deserve; shame on you, take a page from her book and do something with yourself.

My heart goes out to her family, friends and those left on this earth that somehow have to come to terms with the loss.


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