Taking A Break

Sometimes you work on projects that take on a life of it's own that you wonder how you ever agreed to do it. It may have been an exciting venture or something you took on as a challenge. Whatever the reason was, it is now a beast to work with. The vision you saw in the beginning isn't as clear as it once was. It may be time to step aside for a moment to clear your mind. Sometimes when you are too close to the problem, things don't make sense. You know that you would never have taken on something so big, unless you really believed in the possibilities. All you need to do is to take a break. Do something that makes you happy and laugh, then take a look at your project again. You are meant to succeed in what you take on. 

Let's play for awhile...

(When I worked too hard on one thing, I begin to get tunnel vision. I don't take breaks very often that the universe has to remind me to stop for a moment. Sometimes scheduling playtime is as important as going to work.)



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