Taking Care of Dayna

How does it begin? What made me start? I think it was a series of events, especially inspiration from other people. I know that watching the new series, extreme weight loss, helped me SEE my weight and how scary it is and that it can get even worse. About 3 months ago, I stopped eating sugar. I 99% totally stopped. The doctor said I was pre-diabetic and that scared me into looking at sugar products as poison. But, I still was eating high fat products and also overeating. Even though I felt good, I still craved large amounts of food, especially late in the evening. And my omentum (belly fat) seemed to be growing.I read the Dr. Dukan diet website to get inspired and took the first step which was to weigh myself and thus stop ignoring the problem. And so, the journey began. Come along and let's see what happens! 

Dayna Taking Care of Dayna.

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