Taking My Own Advice


My own advice…

I must admit that in the past I was a tad judgmental about bloggers. I didn’t get it. Every blog I’d ever read sounded like a journal entry. I would often find myself wondering ,who were these blog people and why do they think that everyone cares about the minute details of their lives?”

Well, my little sister sends these emails every once in awhile. They started back when she was in college. She sends them to her close friends and family, myself included. They just give a brief detail of where she is and what she’s been up to since the last time she wrote. Back when she was studying abroad they included such detail that I started saving them. I thought, “ she’s going to want to look back on these some say, or maybe I will.” They were more than just a catalog of events, but read more like journal posts. Well, She’d written so many of them that I said she should create a blog. Of course, having such an anti-blog attitude, my suggestion was taken with some skepticism.

When I mentioned the idea to my husband, he said that I should write my own blog. I immediately adopted the role of skeptic. What on earth could I possibly have to say? I mean, sure, a can talk for hours, but I am a horrible typist. I have a the grammar of a 4th grader, despite the BA in English, and I haven’t tried to put coherent sentences together since I turned in my thesis 7 years ago. Then it hit me. I stopped writing. Not only had the creative writing stopped, but even my journaling had become sporadic. I used to write every single day. I really miss it, even if I never was very good.

So, I have decided to take my own advice. I’m starting a blog. About what, you may ask… well, about taking my own advice. I spend a great deal of time at work, as part of my business, and in my personal life dishing out advice. Every once in awhile I’ll say something, and immediately think, “wow, I should listen to my own advice.” Then, the moment passes. I forget that brief moment of clarity. It is almost as if by speaking the words aloud the woman or women that I am speaking to physically pluck the thought from my mind, place it in their purses, and leave with it. From this point on I will write down my advice as soon as realize that I’m giving it. Then I will figure out where it fits into my life. I will take action. Then I will post it on the internet. Score one point for narcissism.

This is not to say that I will be blogging every day. It simply means that I’m looking forward to finding out what the outcomes of my own advice may be. Perhaps there will even be a few of you out there who have fallen prey to one of my so called nuggets of wisdom and you want to put your two cents in. That would be great too. Often we have the best of intentions. We make a suggestion and we don’t realize that we have just changed someone’s life forever.

This time I’m going to change my own life. I’m going to take my own advice.

Stay tuned…

Lina Williams, Sexy Lifestyle Advisor


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