Taking one for my team

I looked up and saw my son opening the blinds. He turned around and said, “It's time to wake uuuuup mommy!” Well, whadoyouknow’, the little lad was still hard pressed about getting his mother to 100%.

Keep in mind, it was still Saturday. The day that would never end. It was probably around 4:30pm maybe 5pm. I had slipped into another sleep after we had our spaghetti dinner that he helped me prepare. Before I could fall back asleep, he was on top of me pulling apart my eye lids. "Mommy don't go back to sleep, mommy wake up, mommy don't close your eyes," the little voice pleaded.

I still had cold symptoms and was walking around with a Theramask over my face as well as over my sons face. Solely operating on the adrenaline he was cyphering to me through motivation life support by wanting so badly to see his mother well. I simply had to push through my sickness for his sake. I tried my hardest to mask my pain behind the actual Theramask. Even after we ate, my face, neck, nose and eyes were suffering the allergies and sinus wrath. My body was aching. By then, my throat was beginning to feel scratchy and all I really wanted was my bed, next to making him the happiest kid in the world.

I had to take the day in interims. My head was spinning and it could have just been from house intoxication at that point. House intoxication is a word I coined for the discombobulated feeling and nausea you get from staying in the house confined to one room for too long. It's when four walls begin to close in on you.  Although it was not my choice to drink from the cup of this hypnotic condition, I was vulnerable to the sickness. Still I decided, where there's a will there must be a way. This felt like the awakening.

I pulled together all my senses, at least the small percentage of all of them that were left and put it all together. I decided we were leaving the house even if it meant to take a joy ride and come right back. I reached into the heaven- must have been heaven because I don't know where else the strength came from. I grabbed a whole bunch of whatever it was that moved me from the bed to the closet to find clothes, bathe and dress my son. I packed a bag to take with us just in case we found something to do while we were out. Always prepared. I cleaned our room and sanitized everything. I took out the trash and disposed of anything I felt was lingering around in our area that was an infestation for germs. I was proud that I was moving and I had my bambino to thank.

Once he was dressed, I told him to give me about 10-15 minutes to get myself dressed and that we would go joyriding. He asked if he could play on the back porch until it was time to go. Yes, of course. Actually that may be a good thing because he would get to see the sun for the first time in 24 hours. I took my time getting ready to leave at that point because he seemed very content with that element of outdoors. I began to think I may have got away with having to leave the house after-all. I went ahead and finished making myself look like more than a space monkey and presentable for the general public that was about to see me. I took a seat as the headache was approaching again. It was like playing chicken- the headache was daring me to leave the house - looking me head on as if to say, try it. I looked right past it and said we are leaving his house. As weak as I was, I rested on knowing I would only be driving and wouldn't have to get out at any point so if I just make it to the car, I would be ok. I went to collect Cornelius bag and get him from the back porch.

I opened the back door and there he was. Only motherhood could prepare me for what I saw. He was in a bed of mud playing with monster truck. And at that very moment, I was depleted. How could this happen in 10 minutes? All I could really do was laugh. He even suggested I help him I. His mud endeavor included replanting my tiki lamp that he dug up months ago and he felt like I should help. Instead, I made a moment out of it-otherwise no one would believe that he could do this in ten minutes time. Nothing to do from here but allow him to finish his work, clean him off again and get him dressed for the joyride. It was the absolute least I could do, since he had been taking care of me. I call this taking one for the team. Watch here: http://youtu.be/9vUn4B52vhc



Niedria D. Kenny

The D, is for Deon - same name as my son. The only child AKA Prince Cornelius; he's the Prince in "Prince Cornelius and his Magical Friends" a book dedicated to the life and growth of my child. 

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