Taking the Plunge

I have thought about it, talked about it, debated it and mulled it over, and now it is time to take the plunge and dive in head first. Well, actually I have never been able to dive.  Seriously. Go in head first?   Too risky.  Well, that is beside the point.  But it does bring me to the point of this blog.  I am a mom and an attorney and paranoid about everything that is dangerous, poisonous or has the potential to be unsafe.  If it can go wrong, I can envision it.  It’s not really my fault -- I come from worst – case –scenario-envisioning parents.  Then I went to law school and read hundreds of cases of worst-case-scenarios that actually happened to people.   I am hoping and guessing there are a few of you out there like me (I know for sure there is one – you know who you are) that want to be as informed as possible about car seats, vaccines, wills, sexual predator laws, education, toy safety standards, harmful chemicals, infant screenings, etc.  If so, Motherly Law is for you. This blog will inform you, dear readers, of laws, cases and legal issues that could affect you, your kids and/or your families.  Each Monday I will post an article (“Wills:  Why they are important, what to include and how to get one”, or “Sippy cups: BPA Free or not – What’s the big deal?”) outlining what the law says or what the issue is and its importance to you.  I will be looking at all 50 states, U.S. provinces and federal law.  On Wednesdays, I will post tips and helpful websites pertaining to Monday’s topic.  On Friday, I will post a bit of “Motherly Advice.”


Oh my goodness, in my excitement to take the plunge I have forgotten to introduce myself.  I am mom to two darling, crazy, silly, spirited, brilliant boys, ages 3.5 years and 17 months, two very large dogs and three cats.  I am also a wife, an attorney and domestic goddess.  I wear many hats, as, no doubt, do you.   I live in Minneapolis, but I am originally a Texan.  I went to law school at the University of Oklahoma, and I am licensed to practice in Oklahoma.   I am a full-time stay-at-home mom and I work full-time from home as an independent contractor.  All of this juggling is done with the help of my dear husband (who vacuums every night thanks to the very large dogs) and my adored part-time nanny.  I am a night owl and don’t get much sleep which doesn’t help my mood in the mornings, but does help me make my deadlines.  I love my boys, chocolate, coffee, Jane Eyre, red roses, music, especially 89.3 the Current, sappy, romantic movies with happy endings, tuna sandwiches,  and did I mention chocolate? Oh well, it’s worth mentioning twice.   I tend to lean to the left, but that should not scare my right-leaning readers (translation – all my friends and family in Texas).  I will try my darnedest to present you with the topic straight up, without any leanings at all. 


I am so excited about this!  Tune in next Monday for my first topic post, “Sippy Cups: BPA Free or Not – What’s the Big Deal?”  Don’t forget to become Facebook and Twitter fans.  I welcome all comments, suggestions and questions.  Thanks to all my loyal readers.  Over and Out.





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