Taking Risks Challenge

Do you think it's better to play it safe or to take risks? That is the first question for the March Blog challenge on BlogHer.  I am going to answer it in two parts since we are still in February and March 1 is tomorrow.

Taking risks is a scary proposition for anyone.  You look at a huge mountain and decide if you are going to clilmb it.  Taking that risk will depend on the conditions of the day. It is common sense you don't climb when the conditions are not right.  It is overcast and foggy.  On a sunny, bright, and warm day, you can attack the mountain or risk with gusto.  

It is better to play it safe when the conditions are not right for attacking the risk. Maybe the timing is wrong or you don't have enough information to succeed at the risk.  Once all the conditions are right attack.  Take the risks and go for it.  It is is a judgment call.