The Tale of Three Scarves...

Well, the tale is, that they were all made for, and intended to be given, as Christmas gifts. IMG_7735But, alas, they never made it out of the house. 


Well, the honest to goodness truth is, that all three of them didn't turn out quite as I had hoped they would. 

I made the two below using this great tutorial from my friends over at Crafting Connections.

This one was made by driving cars across the fabric... IMG_7704

And this one was made by rolling a foot massage ball back and forth across it. IMG_7711
The kids and I had so much fun making these and collaborating together.  The problem?...The fabric. 

After sewing the fabric into infinity scarves I just wasn't thrilled with their presentation.  It had nothing at all to do with the idea or the project, but everything to do with the inexpensive fabric I purchased for the project.  In the end, they just didn't feel quite gift worthy.  I assure you, however, that I do plan to try this project again, it is such a great idea!  Perhaps, for Mother's Day?

Next, this scarf, made from Anna Maria Horner flannel, using the Commuter Cowl Pattern by luvinthemommyhood. AMH scarfFirst of all, I must say that this flannel is, in my opinion, strikingly lovely!  Well, so much of Anna Maria Horner's fabric is.  Her flannel is so soft and luxurious, and the colors, so rich!  I originally bought this fabric to use as a lining for a jacket for Violet, or perhaps a skirt, but, after seeing Kristin's flannel commuter cowl I re-thought it's destiny knowing that it would make a gorgeous scarf of some sort. 

So, I bought the commuter cowl pattern and set out to make it to give to one of my sisters for Christmas. 

Somehow, I'm going to blame it on a fried sewing brain, when I was making this cowl I, for the life of me, could not figure out how I was supposed to be cutting my fabric!  I got myself all "twisted up" in it.  My attempts to fix my mistakes ended with two tiny tubes and one larger one on each side, not correct!  But, I was bound and determined to make it work, and I did.  However, it is not made the way it was intended to be.  Which meant that it, too, was not quite gift worthy...Hmm, I'll definitely need to give this project another try though...

In the end, I have three scarves that were not gifted.  Scarf Collage

No worries though, just because they weren't quite gift worthy doesn't mean they aren't me worthy! 

Oooo, so I am the lucky one with three new scarves!


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