Tales of a Socialized Book Nerd

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My blog kind of runs the gamut, hitting everything from life to love to entertainment and literature to current evens and the news. Mostly personal, sometimes emotional, always myself.

I'm a single (sigh) and incredidbly busy 20-something that just finished my first bachelor's degree with double majors in English and Religious Studies. Come September 2008 I will push myself through two more years of punishment schooling to come out a victorious journalist (hopefully in radio broadcasting of some kind).

I work too much, sleep too little and have just enough fun. I love broccolli and zuchinni and hate olives. I'd spend every single day under the warm shining sun if I could.

I am passionate about music, words, and photography, a tad narcisstic at times, and wholly in love with life. Sometimes I think I'm actually living out a dramatic/comedic sitcom that is being secretly and thoroughly enjoyed by creatures on another planet and it's been one hell of a ride so far.