Talk, Talk, Talk

Some people do lots and lots of talking. Others do lots and lots of listening. In my family there are plenty of people willing to talk, so some of us have to listen. I'm a master at nodding my head and saying "Uh-huh." I've also developed a mighty fine set of ears.

Luckily, most of the talkers in my family are so busy yanking away that they don't notice that I'm reading a blog while they're talking to me. If you know where to put the uh-huhs you don't even really have to listen.

I guess in reality that doesn't make me an actual listener. Instead, I'm a faux listener. That's kind of like a faux finish but with less finish and more meaningless nodding.

Enough about listening. Find out about the different kind of talkers in my family on my new blog post here

Photo by linh.ngan

Life is all sunshine and sausages with The Mooch.


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