The Food Network's Smollett Family Shares Their Food Secrets at #BlogHerFood16

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Many in the BlogHer community were able to see Jurnee Smollett-Bell (from Friday Night Lights and currently in the incredible series Underground) in action this summer at #BlogHer16, as part of our Smollett Eats. It's a fun look at their family's food traditions—some passed down for generations, and some created brand-new by the next generation.

For the Friday evening keynote at #BlogHerFood16, four of the Smollett siblings—lead chef Jake and party planner extraordinaire Jazz, along with oldest brother Jojo and youngest brother Jocqui—will join us for an interactive keynote. They'll cook for us and dish for us, and generally recreate the convivial chemistry that's so notable in their show.

Smollett Eats, courtesy Food NetworkImage: Food Network

The Smolletts are the kind of family that seems almost too cool to be real. Each of the six siblings (the five mentioned above plus Jussie, star of Empire) is talented, charming, and outspoken. They grew up singing, dancing, and performing together, and they still refer to their tight-knit clan as "Smoll Nation."

They're also all really into food. How did one family become so infused with the love of food and entertaining? How does food bind their family together? I'm sure we all also want to know: How did they pitch, land, and then plan a Food Network show that is basically about the fun things they're doing together? (Dream job, right?)

If you haven't yet caught Smollett Eats on the Food Network, you definitely should. And you should also join us at #BlogHerFood16 as the Smolletts share both cooking tips and family secrets!

Check out the rest of the #BlogHerFood16 agenda and register now!

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