Talking to a Muslim Son About 9/11

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How do you talk with kids about the events of September 11? For any parent, it's a difficult balance of truthfulness, tolerance and maintaining a sense of safety.

But for Muslim families, teaching children about the event is infinitely more complicated. Fariha Khan writes at InCultureParent about how she handled the conversation recently with her young son.

“Mama, what is the tallest building in New York City?”

I look at him and hesitate, “Well, umm, it used to be these two buildings called the Twin Towers…” I can see his eyes transfixed on me as he sees the caveat coming. “But it’s now the Empire State Building.” And now he’s stopped eating and has asked the inevitable, “What happened?” I stare at him for a good, long moment. How and what do I tell a five-year-old about September 11th?

I decide not to shy away from the moment.

It is hearbreaking to hear a mother's reflection about the effects that 9/11 will likely have on her son's life.

Image Credit: Beth Rankin, via Flickr

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