Tapas Mondays

For many (most?) people, Monday is a drag.  The weekend has ended, and it is back to the world of work and responsibility.  While I may not be excited that the weekend has ended, I do look forward to Mondays.

No, it's not because I have a really cool office or great colleagues.  As the Director of Content of a fledging online media company, I work from my home office, so there's no great cafe located here.  My colleagues are few and contacted typically by IM or email, so there are no weekend rehashes by the water cooler.

If it's not the thrill of my job (which I do like), what is it that makes Mondays something enjoyable for me?  It's that it is tapas night at our house.

My husband and I have four children, which means that we almost always have a tableful for dinner and/or we are driving children to extracurricular activities or friends' houses.  So, a typical night for us is busy.  And our Mondays are busy, too.

However, about a year ago, my husband and I realized that we should take advantage of these busy Mondays.  Since he has a meeting that lasts until 7 pm before his drive home from the office, he never was in time for family dinner.  So, now on Mondays, the kids have dinner at the regular time, and he and I dine alone later.

As we don't eat until the kids are in bed, dinner is served around 9 pm.  Yes, that means that sometimes my stomach is grumbling, awaiting the arrival of food, but it is worth it.  We enjoy a dinner of tapas-style dishes, candlelight, and each other's company.  

If you were able to end the first day of the work week with a quiet dinner for two every week, wouldn't you look forward to Mondays also?


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