Target and Trader Joe's...More than just Stores

One thing about being a stay-at-home mom that surprises me is how isolating it can be. My routine involves dropping my daughter off at school, running errands, going home to do chores and surf the web. It drives a mom to blog! The lack of social interactions is isolating, so I'm not at all surprised that moms join Facebook by the droves and socialize on the internet in other ways.

However, there are special places I go to talk with fellow moms that I know in the area. The surprising thing is that Starbucks is not one of the places! I find I catch up with fellow moms at Target and Trader Joe's. I don't think I've ever been in either store without running into someone I know! Last week, I actually spent an hour and a half at Target before I even began to shop! It was crazy! First, I ran into my daughter's preschool teacher from last year. I had to say, "Hi!" and fill her in on how well kindergarten was going! Then, I ran into a mom from the current school. She was having coffee (okay, Starbucks is involved after all) with a friend, so I ended up joining them and talking. We saw at least 5 other moms we knew who joined in at various times! Pretty much the same thing happens at Trader Joe's, except the socializing time is much more limited since the groceries can go bad.

I don't think my experiences are that unique. A lot us moms run around like crazy, trying to cram everything in. We're really bad at setting up formal coffee or lunch dates, but end up socializing spontaneously as we're running errands. I guess it keeps the day from being too boring!

Today was the rare day that I didn't have to run any errands. I'm missing my "catch-up-with-moms" time! Time to visit Cafemom and see how my virtual friends are doing!


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