Target Moms

I was out with a few friends yesterday discussing how we think our husbands see us as stay-at-home moms. My one friend said her husband is convinced she lounges around, enjoying a leisurely day then ends up at Target where upon entering  – you know you’re going to spend something.

My other friend agreed that her husband too thinks she lounges and watches TV until her kids come home.

I know my husband’s convinced that I do little to contribute to household things and instead occupy my free time with RBW.

Excuse me men – (and I know the stay-at-home dads can agree) we don’t lounge, eat bons bons or shop all the time.

I will say that Target is appealing to me on many levels. First, I like their merchandise. Second, the prices are fair – for the most part. Third, on a yucky day (or when I’m simply having a bad day) getting out and strolling around Target is like therapy. I enjoy bringing the kids with me to peruse the goods, walk around and spend time doing something – even if it’s useless. It’s nice to get out of the house in the winter and bundling up for a snowy walk doesn’t appeal to me as much. So yes, I go to Target – to escape the boredom and monotany of my life at home – sometimes to avoid cooking, cleaning and laundry too. I’m not too proud to admit this either!

As for the assumption that we lounge. That’s a one-word answer. NOT! Who has the time to take in early shows and soap operas…if I had the time, I don’t think I would anyway. I have laundry and a system to accomplish the mounds of filth that requires tending to every single day. I admit that I hate dusting and don’t iron…but don’t think I’m lounging or sleeping in. How is that even possible with little kids? Where would they be in all of this..running around and destroying the house? Besides – I would never want my boys to see me like a person wasting time in life – I would rather they see their mom as a strong, confident person contributing to the home and her families well-being.

What’s your experience been with this? How have you handled it?