A Tart By Any Other Name....

It is not often that I make something that I have no name for.  Such is the story of this...whatever.  I am going to call it a galette.  You can call it a tart, my father-in-law called it a pizza.  No matter the name it tastes the same.  Creamy, crunchy and tart, this galette is so versatile and I made 3 of these on Christmas day to take to all of our family gatherings and I only got a piece because my son didn't eat all of his ;)  And by that I mean I took his when he wasn't looking!

 This galette will tempt you from the first bite! This is a great app, side or dessert with a nice glass of Pinot Grigio.  I used Gorgonzola here but that was because the store I went to was out of Roquefort cheese.  You can also use a milder Bleu if you would like.

 You can, buy all means, make your own crust here but seriously.....do you really have the time?  If you do, don't tell me.  I don't ,so I use store bought from time to time.  Now purists..don't get your drawers in a bunch.  I DO make my own crusts and freeze for later use but on Christmas Day, when I am making 3 of these and a TON of other things: my crust came from the little blue can.  OK?

 So without further ado....here is my Pear, Gorgonzola and Caramelized Onion Galette! Your welcome ;)



 Pear, Gorgonzola and Caramelized Onion Galette

 2 large sweet onions, thinly sliced

1 TB of balsamic vinegar

1 TB of butter, melted

pinch of salt/fresh pepper

1 refrigerated pie crust

2 firm Bosc or Anjou pears, peeled and thinly sliced

1 TB of flour, all-purpose

1/2 C of coarsely chopped pecans

3 oz of crumbled Gorgonzola

1 egg, slightly beaten


Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

Cook the onion in the butter and balsamic over medium high heat, 30 to 35 minutes until all caramelized and brown.  Add a bit of salt and pepper and set aside.

Roll out the pie crust, on a parchment lined stone or cookie sheet, into a 14" circle.

Combine the pear slices and flour, toss gently to coat.

Spread most of the onions to with-in 4" of the edges.  Add the pear over the onions then add the rest of the onions and sprinkle the cheese and pecans over the top.

Fold over the edges to form a 'crust', pressing gently to seal.  Brush the dough edges with a bit of the beaten egg.

 Bake for 25 minutes or until golden.  You can place foil on the edges if you think it is browning too much , but I didn't.


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