8 BlogHers try Tassimo and give you 1 of 8 chances to win your own Tassimo Brewer!

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Update 1/1/10: This sweepstakes has now ended. Thank you for your interest in this promotion!

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When everyone gets what they want, people come together. That’s the thinking behind Tassimo, the only home brewing system that gives everyone the drink they want. From coffees and teas to rich cappuccinos and lattes. Even hot chocolate. Tassimo offers more than 40 beverage and flavor varieties to satisfy everyone—from brands you know, like Gevalia, Maxwell House, Twinings and more. Tassimo even satisfies your premium coffee cravings with a great variety of Starbucks offerings -- including Starbucks Breakfast Blend and House Blend varieties.

Tassimo is able to produce more types of drinks through simple bar code technology. Each T Disc—the little round guys that hold the coffee—has a bar code on its back that tells the brewer the exact temperature, pressure and time it takes to brew a perfect drink. With the press of one button, you can make a whole crowd of people happy. Whether they’re into macchiatos or chai lattes, or just a good cup of joe, it’s that simple to turn your kitchen into the new gathering place.


There's more!  Tassiomo gave 8 BlogHers a brand new brewer and coffee flavors to try.  Read each review below and see what beverages they made.  After you read the reviews, follow the instructions on each blog and enter to win your own Tassimo brewer and variety of beverage flavors!

New review -  "I was a huge fan of the fact that you could just make one cup at a time---perfect for if one of us is up earlier (or later!) than the other and doesn’t want to brew a whole pot." -Said Holly from Nothing but Bonfires.

Tarrant, from Retro Food, considers her Tassimo “very cost efficient when you break it down by cup and consider the no waste, no mess, and no special dishes to wash part.” She’s already ordered refills.

Sheila, from Xiaolin Mama, had “20 guests at a party this past weekend and the Tassimo churned out drinks like a champ.” She was able to offer an array of hot drinks without any waste.

Megan, from Megan’s Minute, is looking forward to using her Tassimo during the holidays “because it'll be nice to be able to offer a variety of coffee blends depending on the tastes of my guests”.

Rhoda, from Southern Hospitality, “always thought having one of these machines around the house would be loads of fun!” She’s looking forward to having her guests “order up a special drink with dessert”.

Stephanie, from A Year of Slow Cooking, loves the simplicity of using her Tassimo and the water filtration system keeps her assured that her kids receive a freshly-purified cup of hot chocolate.

When Kim, from Petroville, made her first cup of cappuccino, she “felt like a barista as the machine steamed” and her milk foamed…see what her Thanksgiving guests thought too.

Grace, from More Women, thought in order to find “another nifty twist for a home appliance,” her Tassimo “would make the perfect gift for the workplace.” See what features her husband enjoyed the most.


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