Tastes Like Chicken: Sauteed Chicken of the Woods in a Dry Sherry Sauce

When the weather is as pretty as it has been, and the fall colors are at their peak, I can’t help myself…I gotta be outside!! The laundry and dishes might pile up, but I justify the trip outdoors by reminding myself that at least I am getting some exercise…and in the case of a recent hike, a bonus: the main ingredient for dinner.
Really. The makings of that evening's dinner out in the woods.
I came around the bend and there it was…bright orange and quite large! I had only seen this species in a book so I went to the experts to confirm what I was pretty sure of already… I had just discovered what is called “Chicken of the Woods”.
You see, I have been on the hunt for this type of “chicken” for some time now. It shows up at this time of year and is highly sought after by those that know the species.
I was super excited to take this big beauty home and use it in that night’s dinner. I decided to make Sautéed Chicken of the Woods in a Dry Sherry Sauce over a bed of Rice Medley from Trader Joe's (it’s a blend of brown rice, red rice and black barley- yum!!!).
Before you stop reading and say to yourself, “There is NO way I’m gonna go out in the woods and bring home a ‘chicken’ for dinner”, please realize that this recipe would be also taste great with the more familiar chicken of the poultry variety.
The family verdict? You probably guessed it. “It tastes like chicken”
I should probably give a disclaimer on wild mushrooms. Many are poisonous and could cause serious health consequences, even death. If interested in wild edible mushrooms, be sure to confirm edibility with 100% certainty before eating.