Tasty is Nutritious too

Tasty is Nutritious too

Years ago, I became sick…it was somewhat serious and I did need surgery. I believed because of the disease, not the surgery I could not have children. 

Once I was told that I needed surgery, I went full force learning everything I needed to learn about what I had–and felt quite strongly that my diet had a lot to do with it. Prior to getting sick  Nick and I  ate out a lot–meals were prepared on occasion-maybe 2 times per week and the rest of  the week was either take out or going out to dinner. 

 We worked and it was easy to eat out; you know?

So what did I do?  I started doing Yoga every morning and evening too.   I bought some organic and some not organic foods, and started cooking meals at home.  I made smoothies in the morning and took a shot of wheat grass along with some royal jelly before I left for work.

The surgery went as planned and I was fine. I was told that we can now start having children, yet after many years of trying to have a baby it was not meant to be.

OK so what do I believe and know now:

  1. Despite everything, I believe that the body has this great ability to heal itself.
  2. I feel that that we have more–processed foods that are convenient and in abundance.
  3. I believe that eating out and take out is really making us sick.
  4. I feel that eating organic is quite pricey.
  5. I believe that with balance,moderation and learning, we can feel better and overcome what is ailing us.



I am not a nutritionist, I am not here to judge, what I do know is that when I shop and buy fresh ingredients such as fruits, vegetables and meats I feel that serving a home-cooked meal to my family makes me feel OK.

Consequently, I also worry about the source of these ingredients; but the alternative of a high-sodium, high sugar, or added chemicals in a product scares me more. I worry if the tomatoes that I just picked out were genetically grown and that the baby carrots that I give my kids as a snack are actually safe.


Having said all of that I try my best to provide my family a good tasty meal, by going back in time and cooking like my mom, my aunts, and my Nonna did, at a time when vegetables came from the back yard, a steak came from the butcher and fish was bought from the fish monger.

These days it’s all about convenience – everything under one roof; so as I shop I pick out the ingredients that I will use to make my weekly meals. 


I’m not perfect I fry chicken cutlets in vegetable oil; it’s very easy to make a pound of pasta than to create a meal from start to finish after 6 PM.  I add pork sausage in my sauce and reason that it’s in moderation. I create sweet desserts. I probably use excessive amounts of cheese and eggs.  In our immediate family, we celebrate birthdays with Hostess Cupcakes. I don’t ban anything with in reason from my home because I don’t think it’s healthy to force someone not to eat something, my thought is allowing them to try it, introducing it to him or her, in hopes it will satisfy a need. 


 However, I do try to monitor the junk food intake the best I can.



In conclusion, the meals that I cook are home cooked meals.  I mostly buy ingredients and not too many-processed foods with the exception of deli meat like turkey, white bread, boxes of pastas, French fries, and yogurt.   All I can say is I’m doing my best and feel that it can be done; creating a nutritious tasty meal is possible.


Recipes will be posted this week; I promise.