Before You Buy That Phone: Keeping Teens Safe Online

It is in the media again. A child murdered by an online predator who lured her/him through a social media account. As a parent of soon to be tweens, this has the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I have been an iPhone customer for 4 years now, and we bought our iPad 2 years ago. So that made me a smartphone owner at the ripe old age of 36 years old. My youngest, at 5 years old, has see the iPhone and iPad for 4 out of 5 years of her life already. She will grow up in a completely different world than me. ...more
Rita Arens I agree some kids personalities would mean a phone or a life on it would be no big ...more

Do You Take Facebook Quizzes? You May Want to Rethink That...

Earlier this week I took a Facebook quiz to find out my IQ. My results were astounding. I scored higher than Nicholas Tesla, somewhere in the range of 170. But... I'm a teacher's kid, and I was frequently tested as a child. I know that my IQ is nowhere near 170. I think the quiz was reporting my seventh grade weight. Now here's the thing. The fact that I took this stupid quiz makes me think my IQ might be half to a third of what Tesla's was. You would guess I would see the irony in this. Taking a Facebook quiz is like filling your car with gas, making sure the oil is full, and offering the keys to the guy who just robbed the bank. Sure, go ahead, take a good look at my personal information. Of course, I'm as smart as Tesla. ...more

6 Tricks to Get You Through the Valentine's Day Deluge on Social Media

Ah, Valentine's Day: The bane of the divorced woman's existence. Or is it? Here's the thing, we build up Valentine's Day and create expectations that simply are not always realistic. Add on a bitter divorce, learning to be single again, and it can feel like you're the last single woman among a world of hopeless romantics. The cinnamon hearts, chocolates, roses in the window all makes us heave a sad sigh. To top it all off, we have social media to add to the Valentine's Day mix. Even if you choose not to celebrate it, it's hard to avoid everyone else's Valentines mush on the internet. Facebook will be awash with romantic status updates. Instagram will be alight with diamond engagement rings. Pinterest is full of Valentine's date night ideas. ...more

Put More of Yourself into Your LinkedIn Profile

Your personal brand represents how you market yourself to the world. It's what comes to mind when people you know think of you, and it tells folks you don't know what you represent, offer or are a go-to person for. This post will share some of the ways you can use social networking tools like LinkedIn to cultivate, polish and reinforce your personal brand. ...more
Great tips, especially regarding the link URL. I'm hastening over to update! Thanks for sharing ...more

How to Bring Your Blog Back to Life After a Long Break

I started blogging in 2009 and published steadily for five years. Between 2014 and 2015 I took a year-long hiatus from posting on one particular blog. Now I'm focused on getting that site back on track. One of the reasons I enjoy blogging is its inherent flexibility when life happens. Likewise, when life eases up, blogging is a great way to reconnect. If you've experienced a similar situation it would be great to compare notes. This post discusses the steps I am taking to relaunch my blog. ...more

My Offline Life is Richer Because of My Online Life

Sure, there's a special quality to a face-to-face conversation. No electronic gizmo can replace the intimacy of a hug. You can't dry someone's tears over a cable modem. But there are times when you need to cry without letting the other person know you're weeping, to listen to a confidante without showing that you're shocked, to share a family moment without admitting that you're alone. ...more

Maintaining Blog Traffic on Days You Don't Post

We all know that the highest traffic to your blog is when you publish a post. Makes sense. Now unless you are a full-time blogger (I'm envious of you) not all of us can post five days a week. So what do you do on the days that you don't blog? How do you maintain your traffic? I typically post three times a week -- Mondays, Wednesday, and Friday -- and on the days that I don't post I maintain my traffic in a variety of ways. ...more
Great useful tips, thanks :)more

How to Know When You're Ready to Query Literary Agents & Editors

Maybe you've written a few chapters and they're fantastic. Or you have this great idea for a nonfiction book, and you want a deal in hand as soon as possible because you've got a conference talk lined up in a few months. Slow down, take a deep breath, and let's talk about this. How do you know when you're ready to query? ...more
KellyBerdine It's going to be different for each book and different depending upon what else ...more

Sarah Fader Releases a New Book

Sarah Fader, who writes Old School/New School Mom, recently published a book, Old School/New School Mom. Once released, Old School/New School Mom was the #1 new release in the single parenting section of Amazon. ...more
Awesome! Thanks for sharing my good news! Best of luck to all who were featured.more

Am I Too Self-Conscious For Facebook?

I'm having issues with Facebook. What should be an excellent tool for publicizing new blog posts is instead an environment where I rarely feel comfortable speaking. I realized this the other day in one of my Facebook groups. While everyone else publishes new blog posts to their Facebook channels, I can barely write a simple comment without deleting it. What's wrong with me? ...more
I try to steer clear of the Big Three – politics, religion, and the Great Pumpkin. :)more