Turkey trauma: Me, myself and my memories

Am I the only one on American soil who isn't thankful for Thanksgiving? The turkey cooks my goose every year as I anticipate the fun-filled day of planning, preparing, cooking, coordinating, jostling, juggling, and otherwise stressing and strategizing  to make the perfect Thanksgiving feast.As I've attempted before.With fear and trembling. Of course. Thanksgiving is definitely about me, myself, and memories of my turkey traumas -- or dramas....more

How To Manage Your Social Media Activity Over The Holidays

The holiday period is not only incredibly busy with social events and family commitments, but it is also one of the most challenging periods of the year in terms of managing your small business....more

Finding Jackie Chan 2

In two days, I gave my brother and his wife the San Francisco 101 tour. We rode the cable car, visited the fortune cookie factory and Alcatraz. We ate our way through the Ferry building grabbing Vietnamese noodle bowls and fancy cheeses and bread. We got the coveted picture in front of the Golden Gate Bridge and drove down the most crooked street in the world, Lombard. We drove up and down super steep hills that make any snow-state driver wonder how the city would survive in a snowstorm; it wouldn’t. ...more

Be Positive

6 Steps to Become "an Expert".!

NaBloPoMo nov.25 PromptIn simple terms, an expert is a person who does what he does in a successful manner. It means anyone can be an expert. The secret lies in the need to complete the work and devotions that a person makes to do it in the right way. When we carefully evaluate lives of an experts we can see they resemble in a same manner.What ordinary person lacks is the will, the determination, motivation, the belief and the proper self esteem. The way a society defines a expert is different bit than this. They define the people who shines in a particular way than anyone else. Society defines an expert as an unique person. But anyone can become an expert by their heart....more

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Make Holiday Shopping Merry and Easy With These 5 Apps

It's almost time to put the phone in elf mode and get ready for the holiday shopping season. Here are five apps for managing the holidays from the palm of your hand, starting on Friday. ...more

Prepping and Baking and Chopping, Oh My! ~ A Thanksgiving Haiku

The oven is on. A cutting board sits ready. Prepping for long night....more

Green tomatoes

It’s nearly December and I’ve just divested my tomato plants of their final fruits. This is indicative of so many things: stupidly warm California weather, lazy gardening, and late fall garden planting, to name a few.Now I’ve got give pounds of mostly green tomatoes to deal with. I’m considering pickling or roasting. Any recipe suggestions?...more