Jai Ram He Shall Reign Forever Alleluia

The other day I was listening to Handel's Messiah Alleluia chorus while driving back to work from the dentist. It was the Mormon Tabernacle Choir - the men and women alternating singing the words "And He shall reign forever and ever. Alleluia, Alleluia. Lord of Lords! King of Kings! Alleluia, Alleluia!"...more

Hotel de Cabre in Marseille was moved 90 degress to fit the new street layout

 Hotel de Cabre in Marseille was moved 90 degress to fit the new street layoutI have an interesting story to share with you.  It involves Marseille, built in 1535 and was moved!!  Have any ideas?Well carry on reading and I’ll fill you in....more

Careful Plans to Careful Cents: A Work Shift Conversation with Carrie Smith

   At 30 years old, Carrie Smith, owner of Carful Cents, is the happiest and most fulfilled she has ever been in her career. When describing her professional muse and passions these days, Carrie explains:...more

5 Tips to Keep Your Blog From Being Hacked

I've been blogging since 2008. I thought I was knowledgeable about blogging. Boy, was I wrong. Out of the blue, my blog was hacked. I couldn't access it to fix it. I felt vulnerable. I felt helpless. I'm writing this post so you don't have to experience this for yourself. ...more
I use Updraft Plus, which backs up directly to Dropbox.more

Three Ways Technology Has Changed My Brain

I was born in the wrong era. While I love technology and modern conveniences, I sometimes wonder what it would be like to live in an era before these enhancements....more

Being true to yourself... Still time for your 2014 Resolutions

Sometimes they say all you have to do is decide... admit you have a problem and then, there! That's half the battle.All it takes is a DecisionWell I have been at half the battle for sometime now... almost a year plus since making the decision to de-clutter and approach life a quietened consumer with deeper, truer happiness and life based on material and financial minimalism. Shoot for the Stars...more

After 7 Decades, Exoneration Happens!

Today, a case that has been closed for over seventy years, was cleared today. But, it was much too late!A young man, who was 14 years qas accused of killing two young girls. He was convicted and executed. He had to sit on a phone book in the electric chair, because he was small. This young man, lost his life. Today, the verdict came in again. Only this time, he was innocent! Innocent!...more

Top 10 Ways to Suck at Blogging

Blogging Blues...8 months is not a long time, but it feels long when it is wasted time. I have blogged for 8 months. I put in the work. I thought I was doing it right. Every expert I consulted repeated the previous. I felt frustrated, confused, and defeated.I did what they preached without the results they promised. I took short breaks to refocus and then tried the same methods again. It sounds ridiculous repeating the same pattern while expecting different results. I trusted every word I read. I assumed I was the problem, not the formula....more

Comfort and Joy

BEHOLD. I have found THE source for ever-lasting joy: A clean house. ...more

Why a Woman Would Need Her Own Website

In lives of many women there comes a time when you cannot but feel like you are stuck in a rut: uninteresting and underpaid job, the same boring routine every day, no prospects, no changes on horizon.You want to do something fulfilling, something that would bring zest into life, but among work and family there remain virtually no time to spend on anything else, to look for something that would be yours alone.So, why not start your own website?...more