3 Reasons Why I Write

For as long as I can remember, reading and writing have been huge parts of my identity.  I can remember the first poem I wrote - a rhyming couplet-esque piece about loving summer - but I can't remember a time before that.  A time when writing was not a part of who I am.   Even though I can't remember a time when I didn't write though, I can remember all the reasons why I still do....more

5 Common Business Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

5 Common Business Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Should Avoidhttp://wobcmagazine.com/8057/87185/a/5-common-business-mistakes-that-ent......more

#BlogHer14: Inspiration to keep blogging--even if the field is saturated

"'No' can mean 'not yet.' Take it that way!" -Teneshia Jackson-Warren.  Teneshia Jackson-Warren's opening keynote to BlogHer14 in San Jose kicked off the conference with a tone that persisted throughout the weekend: You can do this! And you should. ...more

8 Tips to ROCK Your Blog Conference

Next week I will be traveling to a magical land where people understand phrases like: "I'm really struggling with SEO" or "That's my favorite plugin!" or " Is there a hashtag for that?" It will be a gathering of people who stop to take pictures of food before eating and may post to social media while carrying on conversations.  ...more

Eggless Blueberry Muffins

Summers are the best time to get fresh and delicious blueberries. I love their flavour in cakes and muffins so when I find a bag of fresh blueberries in my local store, the first thing that came to my mind was to make muffins. After going through a few different recipes on the net, when I made these muffins and Iloved the caramelized berries in the soft and moist muffins. You can adjust the quantity of blueberries between 1/2 a cup to 1 cup depending on how much you like them....more

Why I Blog.


Letting in the light.

 Rumi said that a wound is where the light enters you. I should be positively GLOWING!!! From the inside out...Oh, wait, maybe I am. Let me dim the lights....more

Seven Reasons Why I Won’t Hold My Breath Waiting For HGTV To Call

There are many reasons why I won’t ever be seen on “House Hunters”.  The main reason, I suppose, is that I’m not looking for a new house at the moment.  I’m happy in my little cabin on the shore–the one with the outdated kitchen, wood paneling on the walls, and linoleum on the floors. There is no automatic dishwasher (I almost said there is no dishwasher until I remembered I live here) or automatic garbage disposal (That would be my husband)....more

Blogging Tips: How to Find Brand Partners

I’ve gotten several messages over the last week from readers asking me one thing: how do I find the right brand partners for my blog? The truth is, there’s not one fit that works for everyone – but there’s certainly similar steps every blogger can take to find partners within their niche. So that’s where we’ll focus this week’s blogging tips: how to find great brand partners for your site....more
I am just thinking about taking this next step with my blog. Your post is very helpful, and ...more

Why Write? The Article That Led Me to Blogging

Before I became a blogger, I first had to convince myself that I am a  writer. Then, I had some trouble thinking of myself as  a real blogger.   Now, after six months of hard work, 166 posts published on the most - - of every moment, and several featured posts - I finally believe that I have earned both titles....more