Photo: Action

One of Shanghai's bustling roads during a non-busy time. This was taken on a trip to China in 2006.What bustling cities have you visited? Let me know in the comments!Thanks for reading!Ciao! Paula...more

Photo: Nightlife

Nightlife on the Paris Metro!What's your favorite nightlife you have encountered? Let me know in the comments!Thanks for reading!Ciao! Paula...more

Photo: Food

How the French make desserts look and taste soooo good? Chocolate ganache glazed cake decorated with fresh fruits and macarons!What French desserts have you tried? Let me know in the comments!Thanks for reading!Ciao! Paula...more

Conversations and Brainstorming with Big Kiddo. NaBloPoMo Day 2

- Big Kiddo, here check out the apples on the computer, do you like it? it´s a calendar for June.- Can I keep the green apple?- Yes of course. So what do you think about making a real book with these kind of paintings. Remember like the ones we did in Phuket? What do you think of doing numbers AND 1 lemon, 2 cats........more

Let Disenchanted Cast a Spell on You

The Gift of Resurrection

The best gift I have ever received came in the form of the rug being pulled from under me through divorce. When my ex came in and announced that he wanted a divorce after the longest 19 years of my life, I was happy but sad.  The truth is, had he not come in and said that he wanted one, I would probably have stayed there trying hard to make that thing work. That's what happens sometimes in cases of extensive abuse. You don't realize the door to the cage is wide open. ...more
Firefly Dance I've reclaimed so many things that I lost and have discovered so much that I ...more

5 Things Everyone Should Forgive Themselves For, but often won’t.

I am the bearer of guilt.  Not just growing up guilt that we are all given as children, but guilt I gave to myself. I don’t believe that self-guilt is primarily a woman’s affliction.  Yet women are the loudest about their burdens. We like to talk about them, regret things, and ponder them out loud for discussion. While men tend to just clam up and silently carry around their guilt. However through the years I’ve come to realize there are some things that are just not worth dragging around with me. Learning to let go of things that are in the past is one of the hardest lessons I’ve ever had to learn. And honestly, I still struggle with accepting when it is time to forgive and forget. I find forgiving myself even tougher. ...more

What's the best present you ever received? Day One of NaBloPoMo.

{Monday, June 1, 2015Ready Set Go: Set a timer for 20 minutes and write about the best present you ever received. (Don't overthink these time-sensitive prompts. Just set the timer, write however much you can write in the time allotted, finish the post, and hit publish.)}...more