Everything You Need to Know about the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

Despite a fairly disastrous livestream of today's Apple event (broken video and lots of time staring at colourful bars), we're here to tell you about the new Apple products coming out this fall.  The new iPhone will launch on September 19th (with preorders starting on the 12th), and with it comes a new operating system, iOS8. Here's everything you need to know about the new iPhones... yes, plural... as well as the new product, the Apple Watch. ...more
I sure will be!! I love apple and cannot wait for a new phone. I've had my 4s for awhile now and ...more

Everybody hurts...sometime...

Yesterday I did not write. I was in pain. Physical pain.The topic was "do you take time to heal from pain or do you force yourself to keep moving forward"? I am pretty sure it referred to emotional pain. ...more

Tackling Social Media Overload Before it Eats Us Alive

It's no secret our lives are becoming increasingly more intertwined with digital media. As bloggers and blog readers, we spend a great deal of time online—sometimes to the point it becomes overwhelming. I've been online now for more than 30 years, working in tech for 20 years and blogging for 12 years. That's a lot of time. In 2011, I had an a-ha moment where I realized many people are still struggling to make sense of the digital world and what it all means to their everyday lives, so I decided to write a book about it. ...more

Finding Inspiration : What Inspires Me

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced a new series called Finding Inspiration.  I wanted to explore and hopefully find an answer to the question of "what is inspiration," and today, I'm finally able to get started with just that.  Inspiration is a word we all hear regularly, especially in a field as creativity-driven as blogging.  But when asked to define it, we often struggle to pinpoint exactly what inspiration is.  ...more

The Kissing Hand


10 EPIC Tools I Can't Live Without!

Digital tools are the meat and potatoes of my work day. There are so many wonderful digital tools that make life easier and more fun! I often get asked about what tools I prefer for certain tasks, so I thought it would be useful to share some of my favorites. This is by no means an exhaustive list of tools that I use, but these are the ones that I don’t want do without....more

Digitizing Photos: How to Combine the Front and Back into One Image

As I mentioned in a recent post, I've been digitizing a lot of family history stuff of late. Even though this is something I've been slowly (ever. so. slowly.) working on for a while, I needed to get in gear and complete the task. I still have a ways to go, but am finally able to see progress. ...more
Thanks Sharisse!more

Bidding Farewell to Ms. Cranky-Pants (Or at Least Trying To)

In my family growing up, my parents were practically polar opposites in temperament. My mom was mostly easy-going, only showing temper on the rare occasion when she was truly pushed beyond the limits of her patience and stress level. My dad was mostly cranky, always quick to correct the error of our ways or sigh in exasperation at whatever noise we were making. The older I got, the more I swore I wouldn't be like that.Ha. ...more

5 Jobs Everyone Should Have to Try

Respect for our fellow man is something that I have been thinking about lately....more
Oh, Avery Lane how could I miss that one! My SIL is a nurse. I will add they also get to listen ...more

French Onion Soup

With just a few ingredients you probably already have on hand you can quickly whip up this warm and hearty French Onion Soup to serve as a first course or even a main course....more