A voice for #suicideprevention

I learned from my very aware friends at Write Tribe that today is World Suicide Prevention Day. With the tragic death of Robin Williams still achingly fresh in our minds, the observation of such a day seems rather timely, doesn't it? ...more

BLESSINGS (Originally Written in 1980 Sitting At The Kitchen Counter)

I have one cup of coffee that lasts me all day, one thousand thoughts I haven’t time to say.We’re raising two children...need I say more?  The phone rings, the baby cries, oh God, now the door!My three year old yells at me, “I don’t like you, I don’t like you it’s true,” But whatever I did I most certainly had to.She can’t quite swing by herself just yet, but can always find something she wants as a pet....more

Process Group

What method do I use to get through a disappointment? First of all I need to clarify that by disappointment I mean a relatively small thing in the BIG scheme of life. Not death or a scary diagnosis. I mean not making a sports team or missing out on something I really wanted to do or see or go to....Clear?OK....more

Interview with a World Citizen

 Do you remember the 90's show, "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" It was a kids’ game show on PBS where clues were given to the contestants as they feverishly tried to figure out which new and exotic location Carmen ran off too. ...more

5 Tips for Rocking SAHM(ommyhood)

After being a working mom for the last few years, life has changed a bit and I'm trying my hand at being a stay at home mom. I'd heard from my friends that being a stay at home mom wasn't a job for the weak. My friends weren't lying. I'm more tired as a stay at home mom than I ever was when I worked outside the home. I think it's because I have way more physical labor now. Instead of sitting behind a desk, I am hauling my kids around, in and out of car seats and shopping carts as we head off on our daily adventures....more
My wife is finally back to being a SAHM, after 3 years of being a stay-always-at-work manager.   ...more


What makes someone "annoying" on FACEBOOK?  Do you find yourself hiding or deleting more and more people? Why do they get offensive when they find out? I am sure we all have had our moments of being annoying ourselves. Many of us have been through that phase. I can say I may have annoyed people when I had to promote my dad's performances when he was singing at local hot spots every weekend.These are some of the things that annoy me (and most people)...more

Facebook: Best Bang For Your Small Business Buck

If your small business budget (or hectic schedule) will only allow you to really concentrate on a single social media platform, choose Facebook....more

Mostly Unedited Week in Review - 9/10/14

With the advent of digital manipulation of photos and the rampant sharing of people's lives, often pictures and videos are only shown once they've been edited. This editing consists of filters, highlights, and touch-ups, not to mention often only sharing the highlights of our lives. With judgement and comparison being so interwoven into our social culture, the expectations of ourselves and others are often so high that simply attempting to reach them leaves us feeling even more vulnerable....more

Join me for the ’21 Days, Zero Complaints’ Challenge!

I complain too much. I complain too much to my family, I complain too much to my friends, I complain too much on social media, and I complain too much to myself....more

Am I a Real Writer Now?

A writer is someone who writes. Period. Apart from spelling and grammar, there's no way to judge someone's writing as good or bad. Like any form of art, each person will experience it slightly differently.However, I recently found an article in which the author bemoans "bored stay-at-home moms, people who lost their jobs during the economic crisis, and people who no longer wanted their jobs decided[ing] to enter the freelance writing world."...more