Introducing the Work of the 2015 Voices of the Year Featured Honorees

They're here! Read on to explore the amazing work we featured at #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us Voices of the Year....more
It was an amazing VOTY presentation!more

How to Become a Twitter Rockstar at the #BlogHer15 Conference

So, you're ready to take BlogHer by storm. You have your ticket, your room, and every single outfit and pair of comfortable shoes that you own packed into one carry-on and your one personal item. However, the single most important tool that you will carry in your arsenal will be whatever you tweet from. Believe me, tweeting is practically an Olympic sport at the conference. ...more

How Could This Be ????

I was looking at one of the recent news articles, where the  Confederate Flag was being waved while the President's Motor Cabe arrived in Oklahoma City.Protesters waving Confederate flags greeted President Obama on Wednesday as he arrived in Oklahoma City....more


A new blog...I hope I enjoy this one! :)...more

SheKnows Media and PRI Prove Journalism About Women's Lives Is a Good Publishing Model

I'm excited to announce that #womenslives, a social news incubator by Public Radio International (PRI) and SheKnows Media, BlogHer's parent company, has confirmed that: ...more
I am inspired reading this article. As a journalist from the Philippines prior to to my ...more


Since my friends got a kick out of my "LIST" that I wrote when I was 22, I decided to  write a new list for my single girls to follow. Now I am a 30 year old, so my friends are over 27. This is the list you should follow.  Because THE QUEEN said so....more

Unanswered Prayers

“God’s timing doesn’t have to make sense, but it’s still perfect.  Trust him beyond your understanding.”I saw this quote on Facebook yesterday and found myself flooded with emotion.  4 1/2 years ago while going through my divorce I went to a Divorce Recovery Workshop offered at a local church.  At one of my meetings, they said something to the effect of just because everything doesn’t balance out when you want it to, doesn’t mean that God isn’t keeping track.  ...more

How am I doing?

How many times have we seen, "How's my Driving?" on the backs of trucks? How many times have we asked someone, What do you think? How do you think I look in this? How do you feel about that? We are always asking for opinions of others and wanting to find out where the minds of people who are around us are.So, I've seen this commercial, where the question was asked of Parents? How do you think you're doing?...more

How Are You Organizing Twitter Accounts and Blogs From the Conference?

You're at BlogHer '15! You will have a blast and meet about 5,000 people. The stack of business cards you accumulate will be enormous. Here are a couple of tips to help you keep all those names, faces, Twitter handles, and blogs straight so no one slips through the cracks. ...more
This is really helpful, I find myself buried in the Twitter feed and trying to find the people I ...more