LOL How excited I was to see I have THREE followers

Today, I noticed something- I have three followers.  LOL wanted to share with you how excited and motivated it made me to think that someone else might be interested in what I write.  I've been kinda lazy and not posted this year, but I will post again, and silly as it may seem....thank you followers for motivating me!  Love Forever, Nanny P.S. I now follow you too! ...more

Sensationalism VS Fact

What exactly IS sensationalism? SENSATIONALISM:   “subject matter; language, or style producing or designed to produce startling or  thrilling impressions or to excite and please vulgar taste. FACT:  “something that actually exists; reality; truth”Do you believe in Pink Slime? Are you willing to feed into the frenzy created by the media???...more

Thank you, Sunbonnet!

I pretty much trashed this blog.  Changed the name, changed it back...wondered how I could blog about something as an observer...wondered if it would break my heart.    Then I called my friend, Sunbonnet Smart aka Robin:   Which was an effing brilliant move on my part.  <...more
 @alienbody Oh...Alien...thank you...more

Baby Massage

Due to building works, we had to park seven miles away. Betty was asleep. And it was CHUCKING IT DOWN. "I'll carry her in the car seat," I thought in a kindly, Mum-ish, unusually selfless moment....more

Ways I Am Not A Grown-Up, The First In A Potentially Infinite Series

Welcome to a new series here at Masked Mom in which I will enumerate the many ways, despite overwhelming chronological and cosmetic evidence to the contrary, that I am not a grown-up.Way number one: I do not carry a purse. Or even a wallet. I did carry a wallet for ten or so years and I do often carry a tote bag* full of books, notebooks, etc, but I haven't carried a wallet for three years and a "real" purse for much longer....more

No Shampoo, Homemade Dishwasher Detergent, and Other Neat Stuff

One week ago I started embracing my inner radical homemaker and started using homemade beauty products. I've had a lot of people ask how things are going so I wanted to give you all a one week update. I also wanted share my first attempt at homemade dishwasher detergent. It was super easy and mainly used stuff I already had on hand for making laundry powder.  ...more
Loving your ideas! I had to bookmark them!more

Pirates Have Stolen My Cowboys

The internet is fueled by images and Google seaches.  We are living in a visual media culture.  Have you ever thought about the person behind the image?  Have you thought about the photographer who took the photograph or the artist who created the illustration or the designer?...more

When All Else Fails, Try The Internet!

Is taking your cause to the internet really the best way to be heard? Whether people agree with this notion or not, taking your case to the internet has become a popular phenomenon. People are learning that when justice fails, when the law or other authorities seem inept at making justifiable decisions on controversial matters, all they need to do is voice their opinions publicly by taking to the internet....more

Posts That Shake the World: I'm Christian Unless You're Gay

Every once in a while, someone will write something that explodes. Usually it's because he or she finally says what the silent majority has been thinking. Dan at Single Dad Laughing has done just that with his amazing post I'm Christian Unless You're Gay. The post was impressive, but the responses to the post that have rolled in since it went live in late 2011 are blowing my mind. ...more
 @Kdrausin That's awesome!more

How Much Money is Too Much Money to Spend on Blogging?

How much money are you spending on your blog, and at what point does that number become "too much?" Life Blessons tackles this question in a post on her blog looking at how she has spent money over time. ...more
I spent a bit of money on my blog because I wanted the blog to look pro and well designed - My ...more