Pearl Court Dim Sum Review

From it's early beginnings along the Silk Road, Dim Sum has been a staple in Chinese Culture. Dim Sum, literally meaning "touch the heart" was originally a snack created for weary travellers. ...more

Pinterest Fail: Burlap Wreath

Today I planned on making one of those adorable burlap bubble wreaths I’ve seen all over Pinterest.  Every tutorial I looked at said the project would take me 15 minutes, tops, so I ran a bunch of errands today, and did some cleaning after dinner.  Once I was finished with all of those tasks, I gathered my supplies and prepared to whip together my wreath....more
Karen Ballum I've had quite a few hits and misses when it's come to Pinterest crafts!  I really ...more

Simply Sunday


Billy the Kid

I have written and erased a dozen different sentences here....more

In 10 Seconds I Was Probably Going To Die. I Didn’t Care

What happens to us in that little interim between a beginning and its end? We spend all our time in tightly clinging to this one chance at a life. Living it by any means possible. No expense spared and no moments wasted.Then one day, all of a sudden we hurtle towards an unknown ending at such a fiery speed that it leaves us breathless. How do you emerge on the other side? Dead, alive or in some form of existence that only those who have crossed the line will know?I gripped the shoulders of my friend riding the motorbike. In the blurred moments before, I knew that he had tried to control the bike as much as he could. He had failed.  ...more

How to Finish 2013 on a High Note....

That was fast....This year is almost over.....I like the idea of finishing this year on a high note and riding that momentum into the new year. (Insert "Giddy-Up" here!)...more

NaBloPoMo Challenge

It’s National Novel Writing Month and while I’m not ready to commit to writing a full length novel in one month. I am excited about NaBloPoMo: National Blog Posting Month.  So yes! I will posting every day in November so stay tuned to get a lot of updates from me this month. Can’t wait for this new challenge and I hope I’m able to share lots of new restaurants, awesome receipts and even some pretty cool events!Talk to you again very, very soon!...more

Murray Street Brunch Review

I have a confession. I may have been holding out on you, Ottawa. I found another place that serves top notch food in your fair city over the summer that I haven't told you about. Frankly, I am not sure why I haven't raved about it here yet! I may have held on to this secret because ... well , look at these pictures! Doesn't it seem to good to be true?...more
Karen Ballum It's wonderful! I only get to visit Ottawa now and again so I was pleasantly ...more

Kindness Remembered

I have never really had to do without something important,like food and shelter and clothing.There have been times in my life when I had very littlebut I always had those three things.There were a few years when I had to decide between paying forthe telephone or utilities or buying food.Those were the years I sometimes paid rent with cash advances on my credit cards.Those were years when I wondered what would happen if I lost my job.Then I lost my job.I signed up for unemployment benefits.I looked for a job for five months....more