Using My Own Words to Discuss Plagiarism

My daughters are in 6th and 9th grade.  I know that every year for the past four years they have had at least one report/project of some sort due during the school year.  Sometimes I find out a week in advance, sometimes I find out hours in advance.  Either way, I help when I’m needed, but I make them do their own work.  (and by help I mean I rush to the store and buy everything they need to complete said project and try to find stuff that will work so I don’t have to drive 45 minutes to the nearest Targe...more

my life

hello i made it ya ya.....more

My Life

I love Cornbeef and

Cross Post: Anger Can Be Pretty Cool

“Fear is usually masked by anger.” -AnonymousSo are you letting yourself feel fear? Well guess what. Letting yourself feel fear is only a part of the picture. I read somewhere that if feelings of fear exist, there are most likely feelings of anger close by. If you have abandonment issues, I bet you’re pretty pissed about it. But have you been able to express your anger?...more
 @Barbarahughes Thanks for sharing a piece of your journey. Hope you're having a good day. more

Prompt: Make a List and Name it:Ten Formative Books/Stories

This is for WBE2 Prompt 44 1. Dragonflight, by Anne McCaffreyAs the first sf book I ever read, it stands out the most in my mind. 2. Pawn of Prophecy, by David Eddings (The first fantasy novel I ever read. It took forever for Dixie, the woman who got me hooked on reading to decide that I was able to read well enough to read this book, and thus borrow it.) ...more

Taking A Moment For Myself

Lately, I have been rushed, run ragged, every morning, trying to get myself ready for work.  Packing my lunch, eating cold cereal breakfast, ironing clothes....more
It's funny how something simple can turn our day and perspective right around! I hope you tackle ...more

Cherishing Friendships that Start Online

Perhaps this is a familiar sensation for anyone who has been on the Internet for a while; that moment when you realize that your readers have been with you for so long that they have watched your child grow up or seen your marriage unfold or witnessed your career take off. ...more

Rings...Not What You Think

These are not what you think. Yesterday I spent the day organizing "my" room or rather my space....more

The Empty Nest Life Entails Growing Pains!

 @Lucy's Reality Hubby and I are really glad we have the means (space and heart) to ...more