The Halloween candy is eaten. The decorations are down. Now it's time to think about the next holiday, Thanksgiving. No, don't put up the Christmas decorations yet. Let the season slowly unfold.  Be present. Be introspective. Keep the holiday in your heart.  Here's how.Be grateful. Tell people, tell your family what you are grateful for. At the dinner table with your family, go around the table and have each person share one or two things they are grateful for. The only rule is, everyone needs to have something new to be grateful for...more

Soul Food Sunday

Heaven Is for Real

I do believe that, even though I’m not a fan of the book.  But I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it....more

Placebo Effect: Daily Post

Yesterday’s WordPress Post-a-day challenge was about Conflict.  I wrote mine from the point of view of an elementary school teacher who happens to teach pretty young kids.  It’s hard not to use my kidlets as a filter to think and write about things, so today’s post will be similar....more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

This week’s Photo Challenge from WordPress is entitled ‘eerie.’...more

Yes, Tonight I'm There


I love Sparkle Scarves!

Have you ever found just the PERFECT thing? The material that suddenly calls to you and before you know it you have it in every color in your cart when you just came into the craft store for some plain ol' wire?...more
If all yarn was this pretty I'd probably indulge more often!more


This is how you start over.  You let the ghosts from the past float over you so they aren't part of your present.  I wanted to write this on my Facebook page as a note, but something told me that it would come out as a woman ranting on her past.  Nobody would understand why I did what I did.  So I thought and thought.......more

Day 2 of NaBloPoMo: Laptops and visitations

I am so excited today.  This is my first blog entry from my new laptop!  Well my laptop was in the repair shop so it feels like new. :)  I was so excited last night and started writing up some blogs about my old website and realized uh oh I forgot to get some sleep.  So with 4 hours of sleep I got up and headed to the repair store.  By 3 pm I was home figuring out how to get the modem to work on the laptop,  So this entry won't be as long as I really want it to be, but tomorrows will be amazing....more