Coming Out of Your Closet

For the past few months, Brene Brown has been my TED Talk therapist. Everything she has to say about vulnerability and shame rings true to my life....more
I just saw that video too ; loved the message we all live in a closet so true....thank you:)more

For Writers: writer’s block, strategies and serial killers. Well maybe not serial killers.

Have I ever told you about my biggest fear? Surprisingly, it’s not serial killers or someone breaking into my house while I’m asleep. (Possibly because I have dogs.) My biggest fear is the blank page. Yup, THE BLANK PAGE. Every single time I start a new client project or get a new assignment, I get overwhelmed with anxiety. I worry that I won’t be able to pull it off or that I’ve reached the ceiling of my creativity and that I will never have a new idea ever again. ...more

The Dog is having a bad day, and other dog adventures...

There is no dog food sale that justifies the constipation the dog is going to suffer when you change his food...this is probably the main reason our dog is having a bad day....more
HomeRearedChef Cindyhuber elaineR.N.  I LOVE you girls too!!!!!more

10 Lessons I am Teaching my “Adult in Training”

It's Day 9 of #NaBloPoMo and I wanted to share a recent AHA moment.My friend’s son was really ‘acting up’ this time according to her.  Teen-aged hormones vs. parental control – it’s always a battle.  She complained animatedly about his bad attitude towards school and anyone in authority, and lamented how their communication always broke down after the first minute of interaction.  What was she doing wrong?  Why wouldn't he listen to her?  She was at her wits end....more

Under Pressure

I’m trying to make a name for myself as a writer.  I joined up with the NaBloPoMo (national blog posting month) community over at  It’s been fun.It’s been 8 days now.  This is the 9th.I’ve written every single day.Sometimes twice (had to throw in some photo challenges and a guest post)....more
artseafartsea Thanks!  I plan to.  One person's opinion will not change my mind, it was just ...more

Caption a Meme Saturday with a Giveaway!!

Yes, I’m jumping on that boat. Saturdays are, without question, the most difficult day of the week for me to blog. Not to worry your little heads off, blogosphere, you’re the winner in this situation....more

Small plates at Oyamel

Oyamel 401 7th St NWWashington, DC 20004  (202) 628-1005 Dined on November 5, 2013...more

Town or Country?

You can forget you are in a city sometimes......more

Could Somebody Please Take the Batteries Out Of The Damn Remote?

 I don't know about anybody else but some days it just seems as though someone has a remote control pointed at my brain and is clicking the "change channel" button every 30 seconds. Some days I just can't seem to complete a thought in my head because so many are coming at me at once. It's like being on a merry-go-round and only catching glimpses of things as we go by them, never really making out what we're seeing. Brain fog, it's exhausting. ...more