Is Your Twitter Stream Targeted?

People always vaguely say that Twitter is not like Facebook and should not be used in the same way, but it took Two Pens to make that thought concrete. ...more
I have been thinking about this same thing quite a bit. I have so many interests both personal ...more

10 Google Services You Didn’t Know Existed and How They Help Church Leaders

The Facebook Breakdown: GTFO

I recently had a Facebook Breakdown. ...more

It's a Blog's Life!

I've only been blogging for almost a week and I've already learned a lot. I've reading blogs of the ladies here on BlogHer and I am constantly inspired. I have been wondering what it's like to be a blogger and how you should go about doing it. I have been on BlogHer reading, studying, (And I love this website, by the way!!!) and I was truly surprised at what I've learned. I had no idea at difficult blogging really is. I didn't know that when you become a blogger, you are working incredibly hard....more

THREE easy places to get pictures for your social media postings, to help increase viewership: #anthonyryantooltiptuesday

THREE easy places to get pictures for your social media postings, to increase viewership. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many potential clients is it worth? ...more

Know your make up brands, a how to shop guide

As you know I'm a veritable make up hoarder, granted I share my make up but I still own more than I should.One thing I think is important to know when shopping for your make up is who's who in cosmetics; today I will try to share all that I've learnt during these past years.First of all lets bundle up our brands....more

GE Appliances: $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

if you asked me about “brand loyalty” the first thing I would do is have a flashback to my last marketing class in 2002 and fuzzily recollect that if you're a business, brand loyalty =  good. This is the beginning and end of my knowledge....more

A meaningful recipe & a Giveaway

It's confession time! Yay!! If you are going to be my best friend you need to know one thing about me. I don't enjoy cooking, & if we are really getting into things, I don't enjoy baking either. It's not my thing. Never has been. However, eating is one of my favorite things to do in life. You do the math. But on that note, I do get down in the kitchen once in a while to cook & bake. I didn't say I was a BAD cook, I just don't enjoy it....more

How My GE Appliances Saved My Sanity

I think of myself as a reasonable person.  I mean, most of the time that is. I will think to myself, "It's perfectly reasonable to expect that an eight year old child will remove muddy boots before he jumps on the couch.  Right?" But no.  It's not.  Turns out my expectation of how things should be and how things really are two VERY different things. Let's play a little game of Expectation vs. Reality.  ...more

A Brownie Mishap and a Giveaway!

Brownies are probably the most difficult baked good to determine the doneness of. They're very dark in color, so you can't look for tell-tale signs of browning. Most recipes are also intended to produce brownies that are fudgy and they're supposed to be very moist in the center even when they are ready. Brownies are also very easy to make and are the kind of thing that an experienced baker shouldn't have a problem with....more