Perfectionism, Procrastination, Expectations...

Eeee Gad...I lost a follower. I was so happy to have 75 now 74...oh well... Been a bit sick this week with a throat infection or something. Wake up every morning with frogs croaking in my throat and feeling pretty rotten for a few hours then better. Think it is a viral thing as no fever just throat stuff.  The theme on NaBloPoMo the past month has been about starting and finishing "stuff". Actually, I have not liked any of the prompts to write about this month, but thought I would explore starting and finishing in general, when dealing with me....more

The Comedy of Errors that wasn't really very funny. As in, not at all.

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Moving to Portland

How I love a good TV miniseries. It seems every winter, I have to find something to get me through January and February. One year, waiting from week to week, it was Pride and Prejudice, watching Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth frolic over the estates. This winter we've got two, Downton Abbey and Portlandia.  Thanks to the marvels of Internet streaming, we don't have to make it through the week, but can just play the shows until we drop....more
Don't forget! Tonight, Friday, January 27, 2012! A full hour of ...more

I'm Good at Reality TV

I am forever stuck in my teenage years.(Actually, I’m not…and thank GOD for that.  Cause, that was some serious, serious crap.)But, in the way that I love MTV reality shows – particularly The Challenge – I am still a teenager.To prove it, this year I’ve joined a fantasy leauge to make it even better…if that’s even possible....more

The Salad Days

When I moved into my first apartment, I was heady with the power of being able to live on my own terms. I could go to bed when I wanted, eat what I wanted, listen to what I wanted, wander around in my underwear if I wanted. It was my space. My place. But what I wanted to do was save jars and use them for glasses and keep a festering bucket of pulp in my kitchen into which I chopped up old newspapers and junk mail which I  used to make my own paper on the weekends. In a time before curbside recycling, I assiduously rinsed out containers and found uses for them....more

Class of 86

(With thanks* to Beth over at Word Nerd Speaks for the post that inspired this one.)...more

Where is G.I, Jane?

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A perfect "corn pone" makes me happy

 Today... ...on not-quite wordless Wednesday...      ....just because it makes me happy when my cornbread turns out nice and golden......(which is pretty much all the time, heh-heh)...         ...(We will not, however, discuss my unpredictable gravy)......more


According to Wikipedia, ”Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.”I love trying to think of ways to use what would otherwise be waste for something useful.  I’ve seen a lot of uses on for toilet paper rolls lately and I think that’s great. There are some beautiful things made with them like this….....more