#NaBloPoMo Day 23: The Practice of Medicine (Health Freedom)

For those of you who do not already know, I live in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania — a place where we have some of the most anti-government minded folks, yet some of the most oppressive legislature. It seriously boggles the mind.I have spent the last couple days investigating the nuances of our laws regarding the practice of medicine (POM) and complimentary alternative modalities and medicine (CAM). It is total bullshit, if I may be so bold. POM in Pennsylvania is defined as follows:...more

Another giveaway of Kindle Fire HDX

I am doing another give away of the kindle fire HDX this holiday season! Wow, you may get the chance of winning two kindles!!Here is the link to my blog and rafflecopter.http://thereporterandthegirl.com/2013/11/22/blogcontest-another-free-kin...You can follow my blog (email), like my facebook page, or add my debut novel on your Goodreads shelf! Each will count as one entry, plus you have the options of more entries if repost the blog contest, tweet about it, etc...Good Luck!...more

Photos: A day in Washington D.C.

When I heard the National Communication Association annual conference would be in Washington, D.C., all I thought was: "I'M VISITING THE SMITHSONIAN!" And "Woo woo academic research," of course. Ahem....more

The Double Cup Debate

  Tim Horton's has recently introduced 'the sleeve', a corrugated cardboard c...more

The Fire Has Been Caught

It's no secret to my friends and family that I'm slightly obsessed with The Hunger Games. I read all three books in about twenty minutes (that's an extreme exaggeration). I was as giddy as a kid rushing to see a Pixar flick about talking fish/cars/planes/monsters/bugs/toys when the first movie opened in theaters. Then I sped to Target to get the DVD as soon as it was released. And last night, my friend, Courtney, and I burned rubber to the movie theater again to see Catching Fire....more

Stressful Saturday

When I get stressed out, it usually manifests itself in at least one of three ways:...more

Hoping for a BlogHer '14 miracle

Before I bought my ticket for BlogHer '14 I did some research into the cost of flights, and quickly discovered that it would be (in my books, at least) expensive. ...more
The Missing Niche That would have been nice, wouldn't it?! Still holding out hope for the lottery...more

Fly Girl in Training: Finding AvGeek community on Southwest Airlines

 Look who's "flying" a Southwest Airlines 737 jet! My favorite part, aside...more

Boycott Walmart

Why should you boycott Walmart? Here's the short list:  ...more

Let's Ban Black Friday

I love Thanksgiving.  It has become my favorite holiday of the year.  It's the day that everyone takes off, spends time with family and/or friends, and eats lot of delicious food with wild abandon.  There's no pressure to bring gifts, no stress of decorating, no need to find the perfect party.  Just family, friends, and food....more
The "Black Friday" horrors  finally hit the United Kingdom yesterday - leading to violence in ...more