Monday Night Inspiration: The 3 As of Awesome.

 (To turn the subtitles on,press play then move your cursor over the screen and click on the drop down which says  ‘35 languages’ and choose English.)...more

Christmas is late this year

It's November and in our family Christmas is only just beginning. Christmas is late this year.Yes I know! November isn't December, it's nowhere near Christmas, most people are just starting to think about it, but usually for us Christmas begins in June....more

Self Esteem and Wedding Madness.

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know that I occasionally write about self esteem, body acceptance and self love. I’m of the school of thought where I believe that the key to learning to accept yourself, care about yourself, your goals and your mental health, starts with accepting your body, with all it’s lumps, bumps, wobbly bits, in all shapes and sizes. I’m a plus size woman, and I’ve struggled to accept myself since I was a teenager....more

Anno Dracula.

I’ve read a lot of Vampire stories. I started with L.J. Smith (the Nightworld series) as a teenager, then worked my way through Anne Rice, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, then on to newer series such as Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse Vampire Mysteries, Kim Harrison, I Am Legend, The Dresden Files, a little bit of Anita Blake (I didn’t really get into it), of course the guilty read that is Twilight....more
A.C.Melody Yep, I loved it and I was really surprised I didn't find it sooner :)more

New Rituals.

It’s hard for anyone to talk about and think about their own bad habits, let alone write about them. Habits are things that we pick up, that sometimes cocoon us, sometimes hold us back. Rituals are the little things we do each day, or the routine that surrounds us. As I become more aware of my own bad habits, I’m also thinking about the rituals that have evolved around me. For example, when we lost Flossie, my mornings felt empty. She would often come and sleep next to me after Dan had gone to work, and I found this comforting....more
sussabmax Thanks for commenting, and I sympathise. I'm lucky that I set my own schedule, but ...more

Theoretical Physics Tonight


Open House London 2013, in photographs

Everything in this post can be viewed for free within the City of London.  Just wander around, look up and around you as you go, and enjoy what our capital city has to offer....more

Being Atheist and Raising a Daughter in the Bible Belt

If you ask me in person how I like Charlotte, North Carolina (you are most likely IN Charlotte, North Carolina and you almost always sound like a sweet grandmother who bakes cookies all day by the tone of your regional southern melodic drawl) – I avoid eye contact, shift my hips, and reply “it’s ok!” – in an ear wrenching pitch that could be compared to nails railing down a chalk board at a snail’s speed....more

Is Your Blog Sticky? Try These Top 50 WordPress Plugins for Your Website/Blog

WordPress Plugins are a great way to bring in extra bits of functionality to your website/blog and as with much everything else in WordPress, they're surprisingly easy to manage.Do you want to make your website interactive and super sticky?...more

How I Made Hard Cider

Cidermaking at home is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to make your own alcohol. The key to delicious cider, is, of course, the apples! A crisp, sweet, well-rounded cider is made from a variety of apples. ...more
idyllicchick Oh yes! I bet there was some wild yeast working away in your fridge. That's great, ...more