To All Those Who Toil Behind the Heralded Ones

I admit that I'm captivated by March Madness, but I always root for the underdog-- the school that no one gives a chance. The lowest seed to ever win March Madness was Villinova as an eighth seed. Suppose one of these days all became unhinged and a fifteen or sixteen seed won the whole tournament?...more

31DBBB: A request to my readers

Despite how it might look at first glance (and depending on where your mind goes!), "31DBBB" does not refer to some bizarre, unbalanced bra size (sorry if I disappointed you!)... ...more

Observations and Musings as a Guest of "Hotel" Veteran's Hospital

Originally posted on Scleroderma, Sarcoidosis and Box Wine 8/17/2011If you follow me on Twitter or Face Book, you already know I was admitted as an inpatient to the Veteran's Hospital near me.  It's where I get my prescriptions filled, tests done and meet with 1/2 of my treatment team....more

Should creative writers opine on contentious issues?

Over the course of online involvement, I learned to discuss things of interest and importance to me, or things with impact upon my life.  The mix includes things good, and things bad, and I share a *cough* occasional opinion.No name mentioned here, but I recently visited an author’s blog, an author of many books, one well known to most regular novel readers out there.  One sentence in her words struck me as poignant.  Paraphrasing her words, she claimed it would be disastrous for an author to share an opinion on a religious or political topic. ...more
 @nellewrites I am getting ready with my comfy yoga pant and a cup of tea while waiting for the ...more

A Gardening We Will Go

Yesterday I did this. I planted all of this stuff and I thought I would not be able to move today but I'm fine! I have to share the space with our gas meter and the neighbors gas meter but that is fine....more

Cross Post: St. Patrick's Day Memories by Michele O'Whitney

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and this day always sparks a couple of childhood memories for me....more haha Robin, glad I could make ya laugh! :-)more

Virgin Media

 Current TV: "Keeping your finger on the pulse. Sometimes." Full post click hereMy Funny Mummy...more

Three Knee Strikes, You're Out!

After yesterday's tumble, my knee hurt.  I've had worse scraps, and blogged about them here and here too, but this was a jarring kind of fall, where I felt it from ankle to hip and super felt it in my knee. ...more

Social Media Marketing — the Main Ingredient at Natural Products Expo West

Have you ever tried marketing your event using Social Media? In this article Bob Speyer from Web Success Team tells us how Natural Products Expo West used it effectively in their latest expo.The biggest exhibitor and the biggest hit at the Natural Products Expo West at the Anaheim Convention Center March 9-11 didn’t have a booth or push out product....more

Who First Inspired You to Write

An old friend from high school wrote about her debt to Davy Jones and The Monkees who inspired her to write fan fiction. Now she's a mother of three, a blogger on motherhood and crafting, and a soon-to-be published author. She's also my sister, I couldn't be prouder! In typical little sister fashion, I started to think about who first inspired me to write. It took all of two seconds to come up with V.C. Andrews....more I never got into Stephen King but so many of my high school students love him. ...more