Saying Goodbye to Validation Through Facebook

It was her, not me, who jumped in on the Follow me/Follow you bandwagon back in the early days of her blogging in an effort to gain more followers. It was her, not me, who once felt compelled to post everyday though her real life demanded that she not. She’s the one who checked her stats daily and cried when she lost her first blog followers. She’s the one who commented on 100+ blogs and cried when only two people commented on hers. ...more
My goodness Jessica, you have grown so much as a writer. And I never knew this about you, though ...more

I Am An __________

Last night as I was trying to go to sleep my mind was working a bit overtime.  In fact, It took a good hour for me to finally doze off, and it was a fitful sleep.   While tossing and turning my mind went to what I accomplished yesterday.  I signed a painting, started a few more and felt like I had finally come into my own.   I have always wanted a title, an accountant, a lawyer, a teacher...something. ...more


Peel zucchinis, cut into thin slices the same way we parse sentences into parts, each word carrying weight. Quarter tomatoes, remove the seeds the same way we throw away what feels awkward, chafes against the skin. Slice onions, cube an eggplant the same way we mix together tears and our stray fragments. Brush clinging dirt off mushrooms the same way we ask to be cleaned, refined, unspotted, set free. Poetic Asides prompt ...more

My post for #HAWMC Day 12: Stream of Consciousness Day

Stream of Consciousness DayToday’s post is about what’s going on in your head in this exact moment.Here's the thing: I am a Bipolar chick with Lupus that is medicated for pain, you DO NOT want to know what is going on in my head at any exact moment. Seriously.I used to try to explain to people "Here is how I got here" when I bring something up in a conversation. ...more

Calling All Writers and Readers!

Dear Writers and Readers,...more
Write when you want and as often as you want. I tracked my page views to get an idea of my ...more

STUPID PUPPY Blogger: Readers' Opinions Matter

 @Bad Luck Detective Well, I appreciate your visit, so welcome! And good, I'm glad I'm not the ...more

Our Garden is Growing!

It's nice and sunny today and the perfect day for a garden update. Remember way back in February when we planted our garden? Well, we had a few challenges (ahem, ants) but we made it through. We replaced the plants that had been eaten and carried on. Now, about a month and a half later we're doing okay....more
 @victorias_view Thanks! I hope you get to plant your garden soon!more

BlogHer '12: What's the voice of my blog?

This past year for Christmas, The Hubs outdid himself. He got me tickets to the BlogHer 2012 Conference in NYC this coming August! I'm beyond thrilled, and to be honest quite scared, to attend this event. It will be 2 full days of schmoozing, introducing myself, learning how to be a better blogger and getting to know some fellow bloggers...oh goodness, can I go back to saying I'm quite scared!? I'm horrible at schmoozing, and I'm horrible at introducing myself and I'm even more horrible at meeting new people. So what in the WORLD am I going to do in NYC, alone, for TWO DAYS?!...more