A Shout Out to All the NaBloPoMo Writers!

 Today, I wanted to give a shout out to all the Blogher NaBloPoMo writers out there. ...more

Gramma's Quilt and Angels

 When I was a little girl I stayed with my Gramma  quite often.She made the most beautiful quilts that were warm and cozy on cold winter nights.One night when she was tucking me in I told her the quilt was awfully heavy.She said the quilt seemed heavy because my Guardian Angel was on the bed with me.Of course, I believed her, Gramma would  never lie....more

Got 100 Seconds?

Hello Luv-lies,Just a gentle reminder that if you haven’t gone to check out this whole Movember thing, you still have plenty of time to see what all the hype is about....more

The Wallflower

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?Among other things, I would most want to be more socially capable.Parties and social gatherings are a part of life. They are intended to be happy occasions where friends and colleagues get together to catch up and unwind. However, soirées and obligatory company dinner parties have never been my favorite pastime....more

Cold Feet

Last week I made a major decision.  This week, I am freaking out about it.  Lord, help me!This is the thing about having cold feet.  It's really a reaction to fear.  It doesn't mean you should stop.  It doesn't mean you've made a bad decision.  It simply means that you are scared out of your freakin' mind because you aren't quite sure what lies ahead....more

One thing I'd change about myself

One thing?  Are you kidding?  That's like deciding which daughter is my favorite.  There are several things I'd change about myself,  if the changes didn't require so much daggone work.  But there is this one thing.  I would become a better finisher.  I'm a great starter.  I love to dream and plan and make goals, but I'm not great at following through.  I think I'm getting better, but I still see room for improvement.    ...more

Committed to committing

Do words like "commitment",  "accountability", and "integrity" make you want to crawl in the back of your closet and refuse to come out?  I hope so because I don't want to feel like a total slacker all by myself.  :)...more

Cold Weather and Vital Lessons

Lesson 1: Keep busy so I don’t possibly have time to think about things that are unmentionableLesson 2: At some point, please stop trying to blame myself for something that is completely out of my control, when in all actuality, I will indeed continue to torture myself over and over again with how many different ways I should have avoided a situation that in all honesty wasn’t even my fault....more

I Don't Want To Be A Cat Person

She told me how when the old boy died they mourned that kitty, a family circled around the memories and stories and laughing and crying and doing it together because they had loved him together.  I told her how I felt affirmed in my choice to not have a pet in my home, in turn saving myself and my children the inevitable grief of losing it.  This made her sad.  "But isn't it better to have loved something than nothing at all?" she asked.And I felt like an idiot....more
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