Laughing While It Hurts

In our family, if my sisters and I get a fit of the giggles, it is all over.  We lose ourselves in laughter, we can't catch our breath, our eyes water, and we have zero arm strength.  So of course, we often find ourselves laughing when we are trying to movie heavy-ish furniture. It's actually pretty funny.  Unless you are the husband trying to get help from a couple of giggling, weak limbed girls.  I think it's less funny for him. ...more
 @sassymonkey My daughter was quick to open the truck door and ask what I'd tripped this ...more


Every Thursday for the last eight weeks I've packed up all my gear, loaded the car, and headed to my Mixed Media art class. Each week another technique is explored—some more successfuly than others. Over the weeks our class has thinned out— several people always drop out of classes. This week only three others showed up—six were no shows—several were sick, one was in Hawaii and two just opted out. ...more

Two Different Responses

Sometimes the question to ask is how instead of what. Poets know that it is senseless to ask what a poem means, ask instead how it means. Look at the language, both literal and figurative, respond to the music, the cadence of the poem— and visualize the images, the metaphors.The dictionary defines how: In what manner or way.The dictionary defines what: Asking for informationSo often I ask what does this mean when I should be asking how does this mean. Whether I ask the question one way or another the answer will be quite revealing....more

Why I Must Stay, That Is

The question of the day is:Would you rather go or stay? I have always suffered from homesickness.As I pondered today's writing prompt I began to have an understanding of why that is.Why I Must Stay, That IsMy sign is Cancer,  I like to stay  inside my shell, that is.I wonder why I can't go away...more

Cross Post: It's Complicated - Losing a Pet Part 2

Yesterday, I talked about pet loss and how people view pets as family, which often leads them to an intense grief experience if a pet is lost. Today, I will talk about a few circumstances that feed into complications of grief through pet loss. First, the idea of “pet loss” is not socially accepted. I read somewhere that there are no pet bereavement days at work....more
dogs are great teachers. a dog show taught me about unconditional love. i thought back to how ...more

Oversharing and Facebook: Have You Reached Your Limit?

Think about this: If someone presented to you, say, eight or so years ago, the opportunity to connect with former friends, colleagues, classmates, neighbors, and even teachers, via a simple-to-use, enjoyable technological interface, how would you have responded?...more
 @Momopins Thanks. That's exactly what it is. ;-)more

The Park

Yes, She's Mine!

By Stacy-Ann Gooden (aka Weather Anchor Mama)Before starting a family, I knew there was a good chance that our child would have darker features like me, or fair skin and blue eyes like my husband.No matter how light or dark, we’d love our baby unconditionally. But, the one thing I wasn’t ready for was the question, “Is she yours?”Please check out the rest of my post on  Comments are welcome!...more

$25 Billion Annual Market in the U.S, President Obama Health Care Reform New Best Friend GenNXeix And Genomics

March, 15, 2012 By Barron Graham Reporting from Baylor College of Medicine Houston Texas —–< Business–Wire>$25 Billion Annual Market in the U.S, President Obama Health Care Reform New Best Friend is GenNXeix And Genomics ...more
Wow What Great Great Information Thanks for The Research..!!!!more

Communicating Lovingly with Your Spouse

I love my car!I am one of those type of people! You know, that likes a new car every two or three years.  Therefore, we lease my car!  But,I do love the car I have right now and the lease is up! What to do,what to do?My husband informed me, “Lucy, start looking for a new car, we need to turn yours in.”...more
 @TruthsfromtheChaos Oh, I get what you mean, kind of what we are debating with my car right now.more