How To Find Your Niche

I want to tell you how I found my niche so you can find yours!When I started blogging a little over two years ago, I named my blog Mom ‘N Daughter Savings for a reason.  My daughter and I were going to post about coupons, sales and deals.  I had no clue how to blog.  I had been couponing and that’s how I started reading blogs.  Actually, it all started because of that “now stupid” show, Extreme Couponing.  I thought it was real and legal and I was going to try to do what the women on that show did....more

Fall Images

Just a few images from various mountain locations...Here...more

Wordless for Fall NaBloPoMo

@Denise Thank you Denise!  I thought it was too, very peaceful and serene....You do have a good ...more

The Butler and Devious Maids: The Conversation continues...

How many of you have seen 'Lee Daniels' "The Butler" or "Devious Maids"?Perhaps you've seen both. Each one, depicts the story of people working in the less than glamorous position of being a Maid and a Butler. Working for people that may or may not appreciate you. You work hard everyday, taking care of families, cleaning and trying your best to provide the best work that you can....more

Leaves or Bubble Wrap?

I don't have childhood memories of dancing in the leaves, so even today, I'm not that attached to fall leaf activities. In fact, a pile of leaves to me isn't the least bit enticing, rather I see it as a barrier. I regard leaves in the fall as a covering of the ground. I see them as hazards at times. Only in the forest do I regard leaves differently....more

The 5 Life Rules for Handling Change

 Chill, baby!Over the last few weeks I’ve been migrating this blog to a self-hosted website and that is where we are right now. Welcome to the new site....more

Follow Up on Your Interview: Ten Steps to Leave a Good Impression

There is so much excitement surrounding a job interview that it’s easy to get caught up in the possibilities and newness of the opportunity. By following up in a planned and polite way, you can use your excitement and eagerness to make a great impression with the potential employer. On the flip side, following up too often, too soon, or not at all can be a real negative in your job search.The follow-up actually starts before you leave the interview....more

If you really knew me...

Heather, from Come What May and Love It, wrote a post about keeping it real in social media instead of hiding behind the facade of perfection that is so easy to portray. So she wrote a list of the things that you would know if you knew the 'real' Heather. I was inspired to write my own list in response to hers.  So here goes.... ...more

White on Rice Couple Have a New Cookbook Out + More

Diane Cu and Todd Porter, authors of the blog White On Rice Couple, have a cookbook available for pre-order on Amazon.  Bountiful: Recipes Inspired by Our Garden features 90 brand new recipes you won't find on their blog.  It hits bookstores near you on October 15th. ...more

If I were an apple

If I were an apple I would want to be a granny smith apple.The reason is because that was my husband's favorite kind of apple and he liked to put salt on them. He passed away in 2007  from a heart attack....more