I Know This Much is True

I met with my Tax Accountant today, and I've been wading through receipts, bank statements, and Excel spreadsheets ever since. I'm almost done and may even get to go to bed sometime before tomorrow.Brain numb, I hopped over to BlogHer to check out the February prompts. Today's prompt: Tell us something that you believe with all your heart is true....more

Tidy Tuesday – Our New Look!

I had grand plans of having a Tidy Tuesday post today on pantries.  But things just weren’t falling into place and I’ve been working with a great tech on odesk.com to get Pardon My Poppet ready for even bigger and better things in order to serve all our readers better!...more

Thing-A-Day 2012 Day Twenty-One: Green Hearts

I couldn't really think of anything to do today, so I just drew some green hearts....more

The Secret To Leftover Sauce

Back to the stove top yesterday, and I managed to not scorch my spaghetti sauce.  It was delicious!  But a little sad since earlier in the afternoon my nephew had cried as he left, "I stay for dinner!" The secret to leftover sauce is baked spaghetti.  I can stretch a cupful of sauce into a pan of dinner.  Calling it baked spaghetti is not quite right because I use 'fun' pasta like bow ties or mezze penne so it feels less like leftovers. I present exhibit A...more

Free eBook Available for Download!

I’ve finally gotten my act together and my eBook is complete and available for download. If you haven’t signed up for our mailing list yet and would like a copy of the eBook, you can do so here: http://forms.aweber.com/form/86/1006892286.htm.____...more

from two lines to one

from two lines to one I don't know if it's because it's been a year on Saturday, or if it's because we should have a three month old in this house, or if it's because my mind is quiet and the sadness of our miscarriage is seeping back in. ...more

Joining a New Social Site is Like the First Day of School! (But it doesn't matter what you wear!)

This is my first blog community, so this is brand new for me!Is my hair okay?  Will they like me?  Will I fit in?  You wonder...I will see how it goes and see what I can learn or maybe  teach.  I love the give and take of a good website!So, this is my introduction and I am looking forward  to meeting new folks!...more
Rosie your hair looks fabulous and welcome! BlogHer is a wonderful community and we look forward ...more

Today's post is a response to "A Truck Exploded and Two Were Born"

    I wanted to say thanks for all the kind comments and emails.  I feel like I need to give a short follow up to this story. I think it is important to tell how things turned out with my ex husband. Basicly, I want to tell how the story ended.  Not my story, his. I don't want anyone to think for one second I was some hero because I wasn't. I was weak and young and scared. I was struggling with all the heartache and emotions of being a single mother....more
 @curvywriter  I know you are right, but it is hard to always feel strong and not regret, ...more

There's No Crying in Blogging

Each week I set aside specific time to write, marking this time as a meeting on my calendar so I stay on track....more
Oh my, your blog name got my attention and this post cracked me up!  (sorry...you know what I ...more

Questions on Disqus

Hope you had a great weekend, whether or not it was a 3-day.Thanks to everyone who chimed in about commenting systems. It seems that bloggers are frustrated with "default" commenting systems. I've made the switch to Disqus, and someone at Disqus actually posted a response to my post! That's more than I can say for the silent Blogger (boo!)....more