Stephanie Rose Featured in Women's Day Magazine + More!

Stephanie of Garden Therapy had her project -- a branch coat rack -- featured in the February 2013 issue of Women’s Day magazine. ...more

Will The Real Happypreneur Please Stand Up?

 Back in the day, I remember a TV show called “What’s My Line?”  It started out in black and white, then went to color and now there is a remake of it with Drew Whatshisname.  (Yeah wise a$, I know that dates me – I was a little bitty kid, OK!!) Anyway, if you’ve stopped snickering about my age, (it’s a decade before Medicare kicks in, but I did just order my first meal off the senior menu at Denny’s. Ha! Bet you’re still paying full price! Who’s snickering now??)...more

Is Facebook Making Changes for the Better with Facebook Graphs?

On Tuesday Facebook announced another big change, but perhaps, for once, we are actually pleased with it! Upon exploration of this new feature, we are quite pleased with it and ready to share how it can benefit all Facebook users....more
I've seen articles suggesting that adding this type of search to Facebook is meant to somehow ...more

The Lizard That Got Away

Before I started blogging, I would send eMails that recapped funny experiences to my family and friends. My mentor professor told me she saved these in a folder, in the  hopes I would write a book about desperate schoolteachers. ...more
Hello there, Kimberli! You're killing me. I want to hear the lizard story. Maybe you could ...more

Stop Online Beauty Smearing and Beauty Bullying

I was laying in bed asking myself what can I do to prove to everyone that I did not post this horrible comment, I realized aside from using my voice I really can't. I will probably never find out who did it, the night it happened I was devastated, yesterday I was angry, & today instead of being reactive I’m going to be proactive. I am not the only person that this kind of thing has happened to, & we can change passwords etc. but that won’t stop it from happening again to someone else....more

The Truth about ‘Reality’ TV (Lessons for Bloggers & Creatives)

Many people think reality TV pays well and you’ll be an overnight celebrity. That’s not entirely true, although some people have made money from it or from the public exposure to their brands. Take a look at Bethany Frankel, who has published books and developed a booze line or Lauren Conrad, also an author with a net worth of id="mce_marker"2 million....more


Maybe using the term 'tirade' is a bit strong, but after spending almost 10 minutes attempting to access my own blog, I am a bit ticked-off. This whole "google" thing is supposed to be simple, free, and easy, but I have yet to experience the "easy." Turns out that all I had to do was logout of the Gmail account I never use and login the good old-fashioned way, but who knew? It certainly wasn't intuitive....more

Shine On!

What are you doing to bring light into someone's life? ...more