Ouija, What Does My Future Hold?

We watched the final episode of the season of  Downton Abby.  A running theme through out the show involves a Ouija board.   The game is played below stairs by the servants, of course....more

Thing-A-Day 2012 Day Nineteen: Smug Bear

Never trust a bear with eyebrows....more

Thank You Some More

Lord,  I forgot to say thank you today. And yesterday. And actually, the day before that. So I will catch up and say  Thank you,thank you, thank you And thank you some more!...more

Inspired by Warhol to Make Art

Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad. Whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make more art. Andy Warhol I read this quote yesterday on Facebook, and it really hit me. Art is subjective, there will always be haters. I can't let fear rule the day. A little fear can be good, keep you on your toes. But letting fear take over is the death knell to art....more

Beautiful Sunday

It is a beautiful day today, finally....more

Inspiration, achievement, and possibilities, Oh My!

Today has been a somewhat strange and rather exciting day in the life of this trying-to-emerge writer/blogger, a random day of inspiration, an unexpected achievement (of a sort), and some exciting possibilities. ...more

On motivation and resolutions

 For me, there is a difference between motivation and resolution. I believe that there may be a tendacy to mix the two particularly because they can both equip us with the determination to go on.  Resolution seems to refer to only a part of motivation. I understand motivation to be a broader concept that may englobe resolution. ...more

OBOS Forgotten? Say What?

As BlogHer's own Isabel Anders has been teaching us in the last weeks, age often brings wisdom.And I welcome the gray hair, like I do the wisdom. It is a badge, a outward sign of an inner triumph, a testament that I'm not making the same goofy mistakes many younger people seem to be making.But, don't worry. In my new intermittently posted series, "Reliving the 70s, Whether You Want To or Not," Grammy Sunbonnet will be setting everyone straight, providing oceans of practical living enlightenment....more
 @Kraken SO GLAD you like that as well. Thank you. Yeah...it was a walk back in time....more

We All Carry One

We all carry torches. The key is identifying what torches we carry.Mother's carry one for each child. Wives carry one for a spouse. Each person carries those for parents, or lack thereof, grandparents or their non-existence, and so on down up the ancestral line. Just think of all those flames....more

Sunday at my Church

1 Corinthians 9:24-27...more