Months Gone By

Boy has it been awhile since I've written a Month in Review post!  Now that I've gotten back into the swing of things with blogging, I figured it's time to do a bit of catch up.I basically dropped off the scene, minus a few scheduled posts back in late March. I remember telling wanting not to quit, but not having the energy or the fortitude to sit up and do any blogging. I remember the disappointment I felt not being part of the blogging community anymore and I remember the how I wanted so badly to try....more

3 1/2 years and 2 days

Paul and I have now been married 3 1/2 years and 2 days.  A weird thing to point out, I understand.  Only yesterday while I was driving to work something occurred to me.  We have officially been married longer than my ex and I were when we broke up.  ...more

How Does Your Website Grow? With the Right Web Host

You don’t know what you don’t know....more

A Farewell To Nursing

          After 13-and-a-half months, I’ve finished nursing my little guy. I have to say, even writing the title of this article, I’m sure there will be some that will roll their eyes and say to themselves, Good grief, is she hurting for material THAT badly that she’s writing a good-bye piece to breastfeeding?? And to those people I have this to say…....more

10 Awesome Instagram Tips

I was at the iRetreat Blogging Conference the last few days and not only did I get to eat the food and see the sights of AMAZING New Orleans, but I also learned a whole hell of a lot. ...more

The Couch and the Closet

Peter is a sweet-tempered screenwriter with a tendency toward pessimism. He usually works on his scripts while seated in a corner of his big couch in his living room.As a consequence, his coffee table is covered with papers and CDs, and there’s usually a pile of source material, old copies of Variety, and various notepads stacked by his feet on the floor.When I suggested that a medium-sized bookcase and a good lamp next to his couch might make the place more orderly, Peter demurred....more

Small Businesses: 3 Reasons Why You Need Social Media

You’re a small business on a small budget with a small staff and certainly not enough hours in a day. If you’re up to your eyeballs in making sure you make ends meet, do you really have time to waste on social media?...more