The Surprising Gift That Blogging Gave Me

December 17th.  The date my official blogging began. Two years ago.I have tweeted and pinned. Embedded and pluggedin.  Discovered an addiction to the word "just".My husband thinks my laptop is superglued to my thighs. My dog has become accustomed to my padding past his bed at 5:00 am. If he joins me, belatedly, his gaze reflects the same question. "Why are we getting up when it's still dark?"....more

2014 Women of the Year

Another 365 days has gone by! 2014 proved to be a year in which our online selves became increasingly merged with our offline lives, whether it was in the radical act of posting selfies, in binge-watching TV or streaming podcasts, or in determining what we read or how we teach our children. The common thread that connects many of the notable women of the past year is how they used their Internet lives as an extension of their work, whether they are entertainers, activists, or athletes. ...more
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How To Change the Username Of Your Facebook Page

I was noticing the other day, that my Facebook Page for my blog was not just ""  I also noticed that other people's pages didn't have all the extra letters after their blog name that mine did.  I did a little research, and thought I'd pass it on: How to Change the URL of your Facebook Page for Your Blog 1.  Go to "" You should see this: ...more

How Important is Your Personal Brand?

Branding is something that we are most familiar with in terms of a company that we work for our own corporate identity, but how much effort and credence do we put into building a personal brand? You might want to start thinking about it, because it can really help you as an individual, as well as the company you work for. Think about it. When you begin interactions with someone from a company, whether you are trying to sell something to them or they are trying to sell something to you, how often do you look up information on the person as well as the company?...more

Jessica Dimas Was Featured on Huffington Post + More

Jessica Dimas, who blogs at Pig & Dac, was featured on the Huffington Post for her post, "I Was Taught To Be Ashamed of My Sexuality." ...more
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Tips To Help Your Kids With Holiday Eating

 By Cindy Morrison, M.S., CCC-SLP, CLC...more

Angels and Demons - a Christmas message

I am not a religious person, but a post on website garnered my attention over the weekend.  Kendall F. Person has developed one of the most compelling artistic blogs I’ve encountered in my fledgling experience so far, combining the thoughtful written word along with song and visual art to stimulate both mind and senses.  ...more