My Natural Hair Journey and Then Some

I was inspired to cut my relaxed hair and start afresh with my natural hair in 2009.  At the time, I was reading one of the books in The Nappily Series by Trisha R. Thomas. She's a great author.  I felt like the main character Venus Johnston was like me.   A complex woman, trying to make it in the world.   She felt heartache and pain, she was articulate, smart, successful and vulnerable. Just like me.  So like Venus I began to question why I processed my hair.  I realized that I relaxed my hair because I was conditioned to....more

5 Tips To Get Your Home Ready To Sell

My husband and I have made a big decision— we’re selling our condo! I’m lucky that my father is a Realtor, so that process is easy. But the condo market  is tough, especially given our location. Being marketers, and growing up with a real estate agent father, I know that you only get one shot at a good first impression. I remember looking for condos three years ago, and it astounded me how awful some of the photos were. After choosing some places that looked decent, we were shocked yet again to find a stark contrast between the pristine photos and unkempt property we visited....more
Love this! Moving in a year from our 1300-square-foot home with 5 kids and we need to do ALL ...more

US Airways' Social Media Team Had a VERY Bad Day

US Airways committed the blunder of all Twitter blunders today, when someone on its social media team tweeted something inappropriate. I don't even know if I can tell you what it was, because my mother-in-law tells me not to share anything on the Internet that I wouldn't tell my grandma. And I simply cannot imagine telling my grandmother that US Airways tweeted a photo of a model airplane in a vagina....more
Linda Anselmi Agh! Linda, you win! That is so funny.more

The Military & Veteran Caregiver Recognition !!! Thank You !!!

Special thanks, to First Lady Michelle Obama, Dr. Jill Biden, and Former Senator, Elizabeth Dole and all other participants for the recognition and commeneration for Caregivers of America. It is great, to see the compassion and support, to those who recoginize the efforts, the heart and soul that is imputed in taking care of their love ones that have served in the military and have come home as Veterans....more

Easy Rasam Recipe

Easy Rasam Recipe ...more

The Whole Internet Saw What You Did There

I grew up in a family that prepared me for the real world. I don’t mean that they taught me how to cook, do laundry, and clean a bathroom (and if any of my siblings happen to be reading this: I do know how to do all of those things. I just often choose not to. So there). The most important lesson I learned is that you can’t take things back. If you put something out there, be prepared for somebody to have an opinion, and that it might be something that you don’t like....more

Mais non, Monsieur, I Would Not Like France's Email Ban

I'm aware that a lot of people are jealous of the new labour agreement signed in France that will go into effect if approved by the Labour Ministry that states that workers cannot check their work email nor can their employer contact them after hours.  Though there isn't a firm cut-off time, the hour is set to ensure that employees can relax the full minimum regulated time of 11 hours while they're away from work.  So no checking email on the weekend, no quick phone call from the boss while you're sitting down to dinner, and no text messages received right before you go to bed. ...more
If I had a 9-5 job, this is a concept I'd really appreciate. And I think perhaps for freelancers ...more

Testing How it Works to Stream Images from YAY Images

Just testing to see how our streaming tool works in BlogHer. Seems to work well, just click the add image icon, and then add the streaming link.   ...more

Go Blog Social 2014 – Recap

A few weekends ago I attended the Go Blog Social 2014 event, here is my full recap.View Post...more

5 Book Bloggers to Follow for National Library Week

Did you know there were 292,014 books published in the United States in 2013? (But only seven in Oman.) Who will save us from becoming overwhelmed? BOOK BLOGGERS. I've relied on book bloggers as a reader and as an author for years. Since it's National Library Week this week, let me tell you who to read. ...more
katiebelle1121 No, sadly! I flew back to MN this morning. No snow here today, but it's ...more