There is a new social media storm ravaging my Twitter and Facebook feeds called #stopdropselfie where I am forced to see pictures of everyone I know or vaguely know on the internet acting natural in front of a mirror or while reading a book. Usually I ignore these pictures and go about my day as if I didn't just see them, as everyone does, but this time I can't help but get a little sad while scrolling through a sea of selfies. ...more

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On The Fringe

Yay! I get to do another Holiday Fashion post! I finally completed my portfolio re-do–for the time being (more changes planned, but I can’t get to my data storage right now.) Now for some fun!I had a dilemma about what to call this post, as I came up with several fun ones: Fringe Benefits, Holiday Fringe, All In Fringe, All About Fringe. I finally settled on “On the Fringe” as it denotes “being on the edge,” which just sounded more interesting!...more

Dec 16, 2014: ver 2.0 Disappointment

Disappointment stings like an open wound. Like, those horrid little cuts you don’t realize you have until you squeeze a lemon or pick up a jalapeno. A burning sting.And I’m the sort of person who doesn’t take disappointment well. I set my hopes too high and put too much faith in people, friends. I am usually always disappointed. Let down....more

(Unconventional) Ways To Cope With Depression

There are a lot of people out there offering advice on how to cope with Depression. With all of the different techniques that you can try to relieve the symptoms of your Depression, how do you decide which ones to use? The coping techniques that you should use are the ones that work for you. Kind of a no-brainer, right?...more

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Looking for sweet treat ideas for the holidays or a birthday perhaps...check out my blog here.  Stay sweet and stay happy<3...more

Dec 16, 2014: Primping Day


My Pinterest Nightmare - 3 ways to avoid being me

Pinterest has grown very fast. I love it and hate it at the same time.Its an easy place to access and find things you love . I have about 96 boards, 6 secret boards, 5,207 pins, 4,742 likes .That's where my nightmare begins.... all those likes. Just sitting there without a board to call their own....more

10 tips on how to get more Twitter followers

Have you wondered how to increase your Twitter following in an easier and efficient way?I have been tweeting for over 5 years now and I tried quite a few things, trial and error as they say.I decided to share with you my Top 10 Twitter dos and don’ts 1- Curate great content & different subjects2- #do #not #use #hashtags #for #everything...more