A grateful heart: Nosy neighbors and night time walks

I made Mr. T pull over at the entrance to our neighborhood, hopping out into the balmy 37 degree night. Iwaddled walked toward the house as he tailed behind like a secret service detail, illuminating my puffy down jacket silhouette.We continued down the street for a minute until someone pulled up next to T. I heard loud male voices, and then the car circled around and T sped off toward home....more

NaBloPoMo (11/2015) - Day 27: Fear the Frog!

Now, I don't usually watch football. It's been years...years...since I've watched a professional game. I'm more likely to keep up with college ball.I attended Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX. I earned two degrees while I was there. I loved, loved, loved my college years. I lived in the dorms until I graduated with my B.S. If there had been dorms for graduate students, I would have lived there while I was working on my M.S. ...more

'Googling' Your Business Is Meaningless

Mary C. Long, professional growth hacker & status quo disruptor  If you're trying to figure out how your site is doing online, the LEAST effective way to do so would have to be Googling your own business. And anyone telling you to do so as a benchmark is either wildly uninformed or shady. Or both. ...more

Anger: Poison or Cure?

Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.—Mark Twain...more
J-MOM Hmm, that's an interesting idea... perhaps releasing anger can be a good form of therapy ...more

Did You Do Black Friday?

NaBloPoMo Post #27 ...more

And Yet

How did they do it? How did they stand it? I know they didn't stand for it, largely, but at home, in the quiet, how did they cope? I imagine they must have cried like I do, at the injustices they see. I imagine they were afraid. I'm afraid. I feel ridiculous because of course things haven't come to the debilitating, inhumane ways of segregation.And yet.I'm afraid to go to the movies, to be downtown near the White House, be in large public spaces. I'm afraid to tell my children that this is why we haven't gone certain places. Because I am afraid to be there....more

The Capacity of My Heart

Sometimes I'm a wizard. I can care about and talk about more than one current event. What's fascinating is my talking about one event doesn't diminish my heartache, upset, interest, or desire and determination to help, somehow, those affected by another event....more
It seems the world wants to confine us, hide us away, or get rid of us altogether, doesn't it? ...more

No More Blind Dates

Yesterday's post got me thinking about the few dates I had in high school. Here's a post from 2011 that describes a particularly awful one:...more

Doing a Mini KonMari: Tidying Up

I have the house all to myself today! I thought I'd use the alone time to catch up on reading or pamper myself with a hot bath. My guys went to the in-laws' for Thanksgiving 2.0, and though I'm missing out on some delicious ham and some good conversation, I'm happier than a puppy with two tails. I needed this alone time intensely for my sanity and sense of self....more
khowell, I'm determined to get to a point where I'm only keeping the things I love, but I know ...more

Illusion vs. Reality

I have been reading Don Quixote and one thing is for sure: this book is about illusion vs. reality, which is a human dilemma through and through. At first, I saw myself in Don Quixote. Now, I see other people in him. Events in different people's lives can be a certain way in their minds, when the reality is completely different.What does all this have to do with homeschooling?...more