4 Steps to Take Before You Monetize Your Blog

If you want to put ads on your blog or work with brands, there are four things you need to do to prepare your blog before you monetize. ...more
Great tips!  I'm getting into monetizing now and just posted up my privacy policy.  It's scary ...more

Twelve simple tips to beat the advancing heatwave.

Here in England, we're preparing for some of the hottest days ever. In many parts of the world, the heat is rising. Young or old, everybody wants to keep themselves cool during a heatwave. The main risks from the heat are dehydration, overheating, heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Here is a list of twelve easy ways to protect yourself and those who are vulnerable—seriously ill, young children or elderly people around you....more

What is Christmas In July?

Hey, guess what? Christmas in July is going to be taking over my blog in July so if you don't know what that looks like there has been a few hints. Yet, while I will promote and prompt many googlebots  to find out about nonprofits I hope to actually help some humans too....more


 J U S T I F YI'm actually surprised at how many bloggers don't *justify* the text on their websites....more

Do you stink at asking for money for your writing?

Do you love the idea of getting paid for your writing but can’t figure out how to set your rates? Do you suspect that you’re being underpaid? (Spoiler alert: You probably are!)I have soooo been there. But then I got over it and learned how to confidently ask for the cash that I deserve.Let me show you how....more


So you want to be a successful blogger. You've built your site. You have your blog in order. You've written lots of posts. You've grown a bit of a following. You're active on social media. Well keeping reading! Below you will find 5 things that successful bloggers do every day! But maybe now you're at a standstill. Maybe you need more followers to get more monetization opportunities....more

KEEP VISITORS ON YOUR SITE: 6 creative ways!

Before you can keep visitors on your website you'll want to make sure that your blog is in order: visually pleasing, easy to navigate, etc. Also make sure that your site stands out!Now you're ready to actually keep visitors on your website!...more

Friday Blog Round up #4

This week there was a mix of everything going on. I was hungry, my younger brothers graduation (they grow up so fast), issues with work, the ruling for the subsidies for the insurance companies was suppose to be coming up, just so so much....more

Does My Voice Matter-Frugal Flirty N Fab vs Cinemark!

FABulites, Can we talk? I have an issue that's been weighing kinda heavy on my conscious since it happened and I'd Love the chance to share it with each of you and maybe get some feedback. You see for so long I've wondered exactly what I'd use my voice and blogging platform for besides the obvious lifestyle post and as this situation transpired I knew I'd suddenly figured it out....more