The Universe Says Yes!

It is incredible when the universe confirms you are on the right path.  Often I find myself setting a course in the hopes it is correct.  It is only after much work and worry I admit the course was wrong.  ...more

Why I Don't Feel Guilt as a Working Mom

As women and as mothers, we naturally carry guilt. Some more so than others maybe, but we all do it. At one time or another, we all have something that creeps up into our lives to make us feel guilty as parents. My biggest battle with guilt comes in the form of being a working mom....more

6 Tips to Keep You Healthy and Happy at the BlogHer Conference

When you come home from the BlogHer conference, you will hopefully have a camera full of photographs, a pocket full of bloggie business cards, and a suitcase full of swag. But what you don't want to bring home is exhaustion, or even worse, a cold. Before you leave for BlogHer, check my list of things to bring with you or do while you're there in order to come home refreshed instead of drained. ...more
Denise Oh. Good reminder! I need to make sure I have hand sanitizer packed in my carry-on. ...more

One Year Blogiversary!

My one year blogiversary was this past weekend. That means the blog has been alive and (mostly) well for one full year! Apparently that's a pretty big accomplishment. As I reflect on this past year, I see how much I've changed, my life has changed, the blog has changed and the resulting feelings I have about these changes. It hasn't been easy, yet it hasn't been the hardest thing either. Harder things that blogging have happened in my life, blogging helped me to have a place for those harder things to be heard, to get sorted out, and even to overcome....more

Lisa Fain's Article Was Featured in the New York Times + More!

Lisa Fain's article, "Eating Across Texas, Puffy Tacos to Frito Pie" was featured in the New York Times Travel section. Lisa blogs at Homesick Texan. ...more

When She Spoke

When She Spoke By Marisa Bernhard When she spoke, she didn't speak with gracefulness or with a smooth flow of words. Her speech was always choppy and broken up.She struggled with words, not because of an impediment of any kind but because it was so much easier for her to be silent....more
LilyLeung she is quiet but gets her point across :) thanks for readingmore

Tangled Tuesday No. 12

This has been a rather fun week of tangling, due in part to a last-minute pre-BlogHer '14 creative project that was sparked by a link (along with a not-so-subtle suggestion!) sent my way by a friend and taken on by yours truly. I can't share it with you just yet, as I'm not quite finished... ...more

Blogging Tips for Beginners or Aspiring Bloggers

When I first began blogging, it was for my personal use as a creative outlet and as a fun way for me to record and discuss my journey with being a mom.  My reasons for maintaining my blog are still the same but my blog and its content have also evolved. ...more

Shawl for a Hundredth Birthday

My 61 year-old husband’s grandmother is turning 100 in a couple of weeks!!  This a woman who got a speeding ticket at  90 years old after buying a red sports car. She lived alone in her own home until 96 when she fell and broke her hip.I thought a shawl would be the perfect gift to brighten up even sleep or lounge wear for someone in a wheel chair. I did not want it too long, warm or wide so that was easy to use sitting inside....more

Courage is not always obvious.

It’s Sunday night and I need to write something…. Today I posted Ten Things of Thankful on my other blog, Mangia, Mangia…No Talk!!!...more