The President Joined Twitter 3 Hours Ago!

President Obama, otherwise known as @Potus to his Twitter followers, joined the site three hours ago and his follower count is jumping by the thousands every few seconds. ...more
casinosonalia It states on the sidebar that the @BarackObama one is run by his staff and that ...more

Finding a Writing Niche Takes Searching and Pressing On

Although there may be plenty to say, every blogger needs a niche, an area to hone and pull in their target market....more

How to Edit Photos on Your Phone With Snapseed, VSCOcam, Squaready, & Instagram

Now that you've learned to take great photos with your iPhone camera and other apps, it's time to edit! ...more
Have you ever used Touch Retouch? It's magic too :)more

10 Things You Can Learn About Me From My Instagram Feed

I love Instagram. I love how I can use the different filters to make me look like less of a hag in closeups. I love how I can play with the settings and turn a "just so-so" snap into something that looks like something taken by someone who actually understands cameras. Here are 10 things I've learned from my Instagram feed. ...more
I am going to dissect my feed and can only how it looks from the outside looking in. I am kind ...more

Advice for new Graduates

I'm so sad this weekend is over! I had been looking forward to my sister Sarah's graduation  for so long. We headed up to Steven's Point, WI early Saturday morning. After a painfully long ceremony we grabbed lunch near our hotel.Stevens Point is such a beautiful town near the WI river which was perfect for photos....more

Making a SacStatement

Whenever I teach about organizational culture, I start by asking students to identify important elements of their school culture like physical artifacts, mission statements, values, rituals, rules, etc. For the last two years, my students at Sacramento State have readily identified Sac State's reputation as a "commuter school," meaning that students come to campus just for classes and then leave. This rep apparently translates to a lack of school spirit....more

Do These Photos Make You Want to Go Here?

The topic of this post was supposed to be "What place do you want to visit based solely on beautiful photographs that you've seen?" I decided to turn it around and show you my photos of where I have been and see if they will entice you to go there as well. As a bonus, one of my photos includes a sun flare for the photo topic. Double score! These are from my last trip; my third, my husband's first....more

Surreal: Cocktails in the Bush

It was the evening of our first ever game drive, on safari in South Africa. We had flown to the Ngala Game Reserve on a small plane from Johannesburg....more

Hangar time

A couple snaps from a leisurely Saturday at the airport... ...more

Photo: Black & White

 I find construction materials fascinating. These concrete blocks were for the a new breast cancer treatment facility....more