Do You Really Want to Friend Your Ex on Facebook?

Dear Facebook, what gives? In the last week or so, a few old flames sent me friend requests on Facebook. What are the odds that on any given week, multiple men from my past reach out to me? Something didn't seem right. As I looked at my friend requests, I noticed that men I've dated in the past 10 years were suddenly being suggested as "People I May Know." ...more
Woh! - Denisemore

Top 5 Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts

 Social media, marketing, and getting your name out there can be really scary for a blogger, especially a shy one!  It can take a long time to realize that self-promotion in the land of the internet isn’t a jerk move like it can be in real life.  I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to promote your posts, and in fact, it’s the best way to drive traffic to your blog and gain potential readers!  Here are the 5 best ways to promote your blog posts online:  ...more

Writing From Prompts (NaBloPoMo Day 9)

 I'm having a really hard time with these December NaBloPoMo prompts. It's not them; it's me. It's this time of year. It's my life, this season, this topic- Joy....more
I totally agree sometimes the prompts are not helpful. I found that to be true during the ...more

How To Deal With Criticism At Work, Even When It Feels Personal

 How To Deal With Criticism At WorkHome Lace!how-to-deal-with-criticism-at-work/c1b1y...more

Top 12 Best Free Blogging Resources of 2014

This year is coming to an end quickly. It is my first year of blogging. Looking back at all the different resources I have tried, I have narrowed it down to my favorites. These aren’t necessarily new resources. This is a list of resources I have come to love and depend on. So here’s my top 12 resources for blogging in 2014.1. Google Drive ...more
I love your list, I spotted some I haven't tried yet, I love discovering new ways to work some ...more

Dec 14 2014: The Road of Darkness PREORDER

The Road of Darkness is now available for pre-order on Amazon with a small discount. I’m so excited! I almost backed out of the whole thing. I really did.Now this means I have to buckle down and get the second book in the series all polished and ready to go and stop dragging my feet. :D...more

DIY Christmas Decorations 2014 – 3 Great Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Christmas is a mere two weeks away, and people are filling the stores to find great Christmas presents. They are also filling the stores to find the best and most top of the line indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations. They are many to choose from in all styles, shapes, and sizes. If you are one of the many who loves to decorate the outside of their home with Christmas decorations, but has no idea what to buy for decorations this year, have no fear....more

6 Reasons Why He Doesn't Care About Your Blog

My fiance loves me dearly. We have been together for 7 years and are completely committed to one another. I never understood why he wouldn’t read my blog. He never asked me about it. Did he support my venture, or does he think I am wasting my time?There came the time we fought about it. There came the time we talked about it. Did I get my answers? Yes, I heard the words he was saying. I also read between the lines and figured out what he was really saying. If you are asking yourself the same question, before you argue, read my list of reasons why he doesn’t read your blog....more