I hate to contradict the FlyLady's motto, "You are not behind", but I am a day behind in writing my posts.  To make up, I'm going to start from where I am....more

The 10 Best Blog Posts I Have Read So Far This Year

Originally Posted On Pecked To Death By Chickens BlogAs a blogger, I blog a little and read other blogs a LOT.  I have been keeping track of my very favorites and decided to post them today since I am hearing a lot about Christmas in July and figure I will make my own New Years in July.This probably seems like an odd mix, but these are just the ones that grabbed me the most for various reasons.Here they are in no particular order…...more

Things To Think of Before Starting A "Mommy Blog"

Mommy blogs are all the rage these days. Being a mommy blogger is fun and rewarding, but that comes after hours and hours of hard work.  Here's a few things you need to know before starting a mom blog or if you're a newbie blogger! ...more

Retirement Notice

I found this a long time ago – when I find things that I like, I save them – and I go back to them when I need to smile, laugh or to be inspired. This makes me smile and reminisce.  Enjoy!  Author Unknown I am hereby officially tenderingmy resignation as an adult. I havedecided I would like to accept theresponsibilities of an 8 year-old again....more

Shooting at the Speed of Light

Intercession and pryaing for othersWhen we are plugged into the community of saints, when we are part of the Mystical Body of Christ, then a whispered prayer, even a thought, shoots at the speed of light, from our heart to the heart of those we pray for because we are connected, intimately although invisibly....more

It’s OK to #Selfie Share in Moderation

Being a photographer gives me an excuse to be the one hiding behind the lens of a camera.  I wouldn't consider myself shy  but I'm constantly trying to build confidence to toot my own horn in person or online. The trendy of sharing #selfies has actually helped me be more confident at sharing a candid me....more

Blogger's Block

Have you ever had that infamous trouble of Blogger's block? Obvious, it's much like writers' block. But, blogger's block is incredibly frustrating. You know. Getting up in the morning, looking on online, knowing that you're going to have to blog. But, you're trying to figure out what to blog about. You want to come up with something that you haven't done before. You want to write something that people can relate to and you want it to be something that is unique. ...more

How To Use Buffer For Your Business or Blog

If you have paid attention lately, you will have noticed I have given away many tips, tricks and treats in my JO Social Branding blog. This post is no different. Quite a few times I have mentioned my love of Buffer. If you recall, I talked about this platform in my previous posts:When is THE RIGHT Time to Post to Social Media?...more

On living the Golden Rule

Several years ago while reading The Mindful Woman, a thoughtful book written by Sue Patton Thoele, I came across a meditation on the Golden Rule that both struck and stayed with me. The following is an excerpt from that book. ...more