Sarah Fader Releases a New Book

Sarah Fader, who writes Old School/New School Mom, recently published a book, Old School/New School Mom. Once released, Old School/New School Mom was the #1 new release in the single parenting section of Amazon. ...more
Awesome! Thanks for sharing my good news! Best of luck to all who were featured.more

Am I Too Self-Conscious For Facebook?

I'm having issues with Facebook. What should be an excellent tool for publicizing new blog posts is instead an environment where I rarely feel comfortable speaking. I realized this the other day in one of my Facebook groups. While everyone else publishes new blog posts to their Facebook channels, I can barely write a simple comment without deleting it. What's wrong with me? ...more
I try to steer clear of the Big Three – politics, religion, and the Great Pumpkin. :)more

The Pitching & Querying Advice You've Been Waiting For

There are few things in writing as terrifying and humbling as pitching and querying. Doing these things feels like asking someone out on a date, but they don't have to. In February, we'll be talking about how to master these skills and get the feedback you need to put your best email forward when the time comes....more
Velvet S. We'll be doing lots of posts through the month. The Twitter chats are a bit of a ...more

The little Mrs. Big Bear

If you ever took the time to look in behind a nondescript door tucked away in a noisy, crowded city where either there is too much character or not at all,there are not many chances you would find little Mrs. Big Bear. She is awkward, and quite out of place. She isn't a very groomed Mrs. at all. Not hairy enough for a Bear....more

15 minutes to a happier you!

You're worth it too!15 minutes.  I'm worth it. You better believe it!...more

The Anxiety Filled Mama

I am normally a very happy, go with the flow, positive person… I usually can see the good in a situation and try to make the best of it. I can be faced with a problem and then figure out a solution to fix it.But I have a secret.. and I don’t think its talked enough about, especially among new moms....more

Chocolate Walnut Banana Bread

Alright, Sunday, let's do this. What's the number one recommended use for over-ripe bananas? Banana bread. It's versatile, easy-to-bake and delicious. Nowadays, it seems that everyone is trying to take a spin on the classic banana bread recipe and I'm not against going with the crowd. So, I threw on my apron, booted up my Amazon Prime Music app and side-eyed those over-ripened bananas. ...more

10 Tips for Handling Social Media During a Divorce

Here's the thing though, if you're going through your divorce process right now, then you'll want to be careful about what you're sharing on any of these social media platforms. Why? Because once lawyers are involved, they can scour your social media looking for any incriminating evidence. ...more
The simple fact is that social media is not a big part of "our" life.  It's a big part of some ...more

The Sherlockian; A Review and Recommendation, and The Second Book Crossed Off My List

2016 TBR Pile Reading Challenge The Sherlockian by Graham Moore Full disclosure here: I actually started this book a couple of years ago....more

Trigger Warning: Trigger Warnings

What is a trigger warning?Let's start with a more basic question. What is a trigger?Just as a literal trigger activates a gun, a figurative trigger activates your mental disorder. It's a stimulus that sets off either a manic or depressive phase, or a bout of PTSD.Triggers are usually unique to the individual. What sets you off may not affect me at all....more