3 Things You Should Do If Your Domain Expires

 Earlier this week one of Clapping Dog Media’s most-favorite-clients-of-all-time-in-the-history-of-ever received some very unfortunate news…Their domain expired.Wait, what? How? And who is to blame? Where is the justice! And didn’t they get liked spammed with emails begging them to renew? What is going to happen?...more

No, Really! Show Us Your Selfie!

We've been doing a lot of reflecting about blogging, what it means to us, where we started, where we are now, and the everything in between during our Selfiebration. But do you know what we haven't discussed? Or reflected on? Or shown each other? Our selfies. Like, literally. Your selfie. ...more
I don't take a whole lot of selfies, but when I do I typically include my favorite little ...more

Mango Halwa

Mango Halwa ...more

Egg Curry With BOROSIL

B-Beautiful O-Original R-Radiant O-Outstanding S-Special I-Impeccable L-Likeable(BOROSIL)...more

What I love about blogging

I have been blogging for approximately 4 years now. This has been for myself and for different media outlets, and I can surmise it as this: I love it. I love the freedom, the feel goods, and the various personalized spaces. I enjoy the freedom in relation to the various subjects one can talk about. I suppose it's for the same reasons people like shows like Good Morning America, The View, and Wake Up San Francisco with Danny Tanner....more

The GoPro 3+ Is Calling My Name but I'm Resisting

There it is again. Taunting me to come a little closer. It is all I can do to keep pushing my shopping cart down the aisle. I want the GoPro 3+ camcorder. I really want it. This is one of the few times when I have to really think about buying a camcorder. The suppression of camera lust for me isn’t easy but the truth can almost set you free. Here are some things to keep in mind before you rush out to snag one. ...more
TriciaNightowlmama Sorry, I hit the unlike gizmo by accident. I totally agree it has other ...more

The Dragon & the Dragonfly

 By Marisa Bernhard The opposite of me is you.You are a gentle giant.I am a creature, fragile at first glance.Look again and you will see my vitality.We balance each other’s spirit!I fly through time…You trample over the land.My song quick, I flutter, I take to the air,I soar, not much to say....more

Tell Me What You Need @ BlogHer 14

First, an introduction. My name is Mark Bible and I am a Product Manager at CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction.) By way of a generous invitation from Sarah Crosby, who heads up our Content Solution team, I will hop a train next Wednesday for a relaxing ride up the coast to attend BlogHer 14—my first. ...more


image from Amazon.caToday was a no kick-ass day....more

To Unplug? Or not to unplug?

I got caught in a freak downpour yesterday and my phone – which was safely hidden in my purse – got wet and died.  She had a nice rice spa before I officially gave up on her and returned her to Best Buy to cash in on my Geek Squad protection.Overall, I did not have a phone from 5pm last night until 12pm this afternoon.  I’m practically Laura Ingles Wilder.  I have learned one lesson from all of this: I DO NOT WANT TO UNPLUG!!! ...more