The Real Truth about Syndication

What if you could convince Google that you are an expert at potty training, or cake baking, or hair styling or making videos or whatever else your blog is all about?What if I told you that you could do in less than 5 minutes per day?You’d want to do it, right?I mean, assuming it weren’t illegal, you’d be crazy not to at least try it, right?!?!?And yet every day I hear another blogger say, “I’m not comfortable syndicating my posts.”Because Google.That is one of the silliest things I’ve heard....more

Public Transportation and Urban Density

This graphic appeared on Twitter a few days ago that marvelously illustrates the living space we lose being overly accommodating our cities to the car.  The Original Green blog compared Florence, Italy's historic tourist area to a freeway interchange in Atlanta with a relatively negligible population....more

Past and future fade beside the reality of this moment.

Today's news is all over the spectrum regarding the past, the present and the future. Rapid fluctuations in climate may have produced bigger brains in our ancestors, deep seas creatures are getting bigger, and according to Stephan Hawking, human survival may depend on space travel. All are adjustments to Earth's environment....more

I am stronger and better than you!

To:Molester.Hope i am affixed in your memory. Or maybe i am mistaken. Because i ain’t the first milestone down your dingy dark alley. You’ve ”been there, done that” a dozen times haven’t you? Still, face me now. Here i am. Remember me? Yes you do. I am the one you verbally abused and manhandled today, another notch on your belt if i am not mistaken, another trophy in your filthy closet....more

Lush Ocean Scrub Review

I recently stopped by my local Lush store purchase this Ocean Salt body scrub. This scrub is mixed with avocado and coconut to hydrate the skin, and vodka and lime to keep your skin balanced and soft. ...more

Are you an educated consumer?

I have to start off by saying that I don't make any apologies for getting free food. In fact, every time I get something for free I am surprised at how little the public knows about something that is right in your faces at the check out of major stores that you shop at all the time....more

Are Bloggers the New Mean Girls?

Are Bloggers the New Mean Girls?In this day and age, bloggers are quickly climbing the social ladder to stand next to the likes of Beyonce and others who have claimed celebrity or cult status, but are we becoming the new mean girls of the internet? Awkward Tension...more
AineBeauty Hi Aine! It was a brand event ran by PR and the brand founders. It was in a small ...more

Following Your Blogs & Social Media Streams Help Me Fight Cancer

All my friends are doing amazing things right now. Raising absurdly photogenic children. Taking blues cruises to the Caribbean. Making records. Producing TV spots narrated by Bradley Cooper. Having mimosas with brunch. I see it all on my newsfeed, and I’m fascinated and a little wistful. I’m also grateful. It’s probably destroying the very fabric of our culture, but I’m sure glad social media exists right now. I’m thankful I can browse my friends’ day-to-days, and soak up their great moments vicariously, because my life is on pause. ...more
you described my "life of pause" so accurately i almost cried...stage2c invasive situ....  hold ...more

How to Take Charge of Your Pathetic Freelance Writing Career

The secret to making a predictable monthly income as a freelance writerWriters are an interesting breed. Most of us are one-half idealistic dope and one-half pragmatic cynic....more

How to Build an Awesome Online Community (and Why It's So Important)

When you start a blog, you will hear a lot about how to grow your audience. You will read about gaining readers and followers, and why SEO is important. All of those things are important for page views—but there is something I believe is far more rewarding and important for everything you do online: building your online community. ...more
Kindness. Exactly. I think it's the kindness above all else. Yes, you can have bad days and ...more