It's A Man's World....

...But it would be nothing without a woman...Construction is the last bastion of misogyny.  (Not the last)...more

Dec 13 2014: The dreaded 'Donate' button

So I’ve had to break down and add the dreaded ‘Donate’ button to my site. I tried to resist, but the costs of self publishing, and getting quality work done, as well as a few financial blunders, has left me no choice but seek a little help....more

How I Updated My Portfolio

So I’ve been talking a lot about this design portfolio re-do, but being new to blogging, I didn’t realize I need to tell you how I did it. So here’s the how-to. I use Cargo Collective, “…a personal publishing platform aimed at creating accessible tools and a networked context to enhance the exposure of talented individuals on the Internet.” I’m using the “Polaris” template, very spare and clean, much like this blog....more

Dec 12 2014: I refuse!

Guess who got prescribed these monstrosities today for my severe carpal tunnel?These things...Now, guess what purple haired girl wore them for 10 minutes and said NOPE!That’s right…this girl…...more

1974 to 1975 sometime

 1974 to 1975 I remember this road, I believe it was a dirt road. Mom was driving and we were riding along. I think we just came from the store, maybe a grocery store, not really sure. ...more

on writing

 “I wish I had more time to write.”I say this to myself multiple times a day. Since I was a little girl, I have always loved words. I used to fill notebooks with lengthy stories that reflected my wild imagination. During my angst-ridden teenage years, I turned to poetry as a form of self-expression. I have kept a journal on and off since I was a kid. Writers are my heroes. I love that by sharing our stories, we can connect to others. In this way, I have always felt that the written word is magical....more

What Did You Learn At BlogHer PRO '14?

Our BlogHer PRO '14 attendees shared a lot of wisdom via Twitter during the conference. As always, they've also shared what they learned, who inspired them, and what they plan on doing next in their own spaces on the web. We've rounded up a number of great perspectives from the conference to share with you today. Read on to get inspired by our amazing attendees. ...more

What I Learned by (Not) Blogging Every Day

Last month I was excited to learn that National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) is a thing that exists, and I jumped into the fray by committing to posting on my blog every single day for a month....more

Let me introduce myself...

   Let's start with a list. Lists are lovely! 1. I am 28 years old. 2. I was born in a biggish city, raised in a smallish city, and have settled in a small town.3. My DH and I have been married for just over 7 years, which is not as itchy as it sounds.4. We have a house in the country with some acreage.5. I am 10 years into a career that I LOVE. ...more

You just have to laugh

I was super excited this morning because my son got himself dressed. Everything, underwear, pants, socks, shirt shoes, jacket.  I was so proud.  And then this text was sent to my whom I consider my best friend right now...I forgot to put on a shirt today.   Just a tank top and my fleece. Oh no Mommy Brain! lolYeah thankfully I had an extra shirt in my car.Now I feel like I need to make sure I keep a shirt in my car.LoL don't you have one at your desk?Oh yeah! ...more