There I stood, in the middle of Times Square, completely exposed.The backpack slung over my shoulder was the only coverage I had. Swinging the bag across the front of my body, I tried to figure out which was the better side to cover. ...more

InfluenceHer 360: An Incredible Story of the Power of Blogging

BlogHer’s Influencers have always been at the heart of BlogHer’s growth, success, and stability in an ever-changing digital marketplace. We’ve learned a lot together, and our Influencers' awesome content and communities have given us an incredible results story to share with sponsors. I am writing to say thank you to them, and to share how BlogHer Influencers are helping to set new standards for excellence. ...more
As a software product manager and blogger, I know that this is HUGE for the team who has worked ...more

Announcing the InfluenceHer 360 Platform and the BlogHer Guarantee

I am excited to announce the official launch of BlogHer's proprietary InfluenceHer 360 platform, a key step forward in accountability for digital publishing. ...more
Very excited about this! So excited to be apart of BlogHer.more

AFTER My "Words With Friends" Blog

                                I asked Jim what he thought of my blog . I told him that it was our love story. I also asked him which part he liked best. He said that he has to go over it again and that it was "crazy " good. Now, that's my man.        Well, I haven't received any feedback from him but I got tons from others and I would like to share them with you.1) From my Words with Friends Opponents...more

Using Emoticons to Set the Tone for Your Business

Does the thought of using an emoticon make you squirm? How about using them for your business?I work with many brands and we spend a fair amount of time discussing voice and tone for the products we promote on social media. Brands usually have strict corporate guidelines to which one has to adhere. Our agency always follows those guidelines to keep the clients happy....more

I started a blog hop.. now what??

Alright I started a blog hop. I started them a few weeks ago and played around with some settings. I call it Blogger Connections.  I have not had over 3 posts on each hop, but I have hopes it will take off.  Any tips on how to get it noicted more? I post it and link it up when I can but it just seems like no one wants to add the links. Thank you all for fore reading this and I cant wait to see all the tips.  ...more

How to Write a Press Release that Gets Attention

If you want the news media (TV, magazines, newspapers, radio) to feature you as an expert, you should get in the habit of regularly sending out press releases.1  So, exactly what is a press release?A press release is a one- or two-page document which shares with the media something newsworthy about you and or your company. ...more

5 Sure Fire Ways to Start Your Family History

5 Sure Fire Ways to Start Your Family HistoryBy Lady Elizabeth Tullos     Why were those leather pants so important to Great, Great Uncle Phineas?  And did the Indians really abduct Sixth, Great Granny Sephronia? ...more

Diversity: How Television is changing our conversations

You know, there used to be a time when everything that happened in reality, was blamed on TV. Whenever there was something stupid and pointless, it was because of TV. Whenever a young kid ran a muck, it was because of Rap Music. Then, when women showed a severe lack of morals and standards, it was TV that showed women, being objectified as sex objects and nothing more. Every time there was a stereotype, it was because TV made it. But now, the shoes seems to be switching feet. Now, we're seeing more diverisity and transition on TV....more
Velvet S. TheGoodSamara  Thank you!  Totally get your point!more