Baked cheesy pasta and caramelized cauliflower, yes please

Sometimes recipes speak to me. Usually, they say things like: Drop everything, run to the store, buy these (often expensive and/or fatty) ingredients, and spend hours in the kitchen. Rarely do these recipes feature healthy vegetables.This week, I was compelled to get in the kitchen... for cauliflower. Caramelized cauliflower, pasta and cheese, to be more accurate, but still. A cruciferous vegetable....more

Forget SEO: 10 Better Reasons to Blog

Your probably come across posts listing reasons people and businesses should blog. SEO, branding, etc. Those lists are practical and have useful advice around building an audience BUT here’s the thing: the very best blogging I’ve ever encountered has had nothing to do with brands or being seen or newsletter growth or client acquisition. The very best posts I’ve ever read have been from the heart, and have beautifully touched upon elements of life too easily missed.With that in mind, here are my top ten why blogging really matters:...more

My Rules For Dating My Son

Have you ever seen a meme that you just couldn't help But to think the person who made is an outright IDOIT? ...more

Feminist.... as defined by me

What is a feminist? definition:...more

9 Favorite Nursery Rhymes With New Clickbait Titles

Clickbait is everywhere. It's annoying as hell. So, logically, I felt that the best thing to do was to add some myself. I've taken the liberty of converting nine favorite nursery rhyme titles into click tempting teasers. Oh, and I added a bonus limerick just because. ...more
So. Awesome.more

Current Thougths

It's interesting to think about writing and blogging because I've been away for so long. It's like I'm out of practice and so I don't have topics and ideas that have been brewing. That's different for me. Since I altered my blogging schedule to only posting 3 days a week this year, I've still had things to write about. Being away from the Internet and other bloggers, only focusing on somehow making it through each day for the last couple of months, it seems my mind is blank....more

I am proud to announce...

Book Readers in the Book Reviewer Yellow Pages 2015"Book Readers"  is listed on page 59....more

My Non Healthy Habits I’m Okay With

Happy Friday!An update on my squat and plank challenge, still going strong! I have been trying to do 200 squats a day instead of 150 most days. Luckily my co worker is game so we can chat during it. As far as squats I have some room for improvement. I occasionally experience wrist pain so I try to stick to forearm plank when I can. My favorite is side plank for sure. Oh as for the wrist pain.. it may have something to do with breaking my arm/wrist 4 times. Story for another day....more

Flowers in a drought

Despite the blessedly beautiful storm clouds covering my neighborhood right now, California is in a terribly, ugly, awful, persistent drought. Thinking about the lack of water and related consequences gives me heartburn at night, and we've made extra efforts to be water conscious around Redden manor. Short showers. Saving grey water. Letting the lawn die.What I won't give up? Flowers, tomatoes, and trees....more