Fitness Class Accessibility: Which is better ClassPass or Fitmob?

Note: I was not paid or offered any goods or services in exchange for this review. I opted to take advantage of introductory month offers at both ClassPass and Fitmob and decided to share my review here. I love a good workout class. Whether it is boot camp, barre, spinning, yoga, or something different, there is always something about a fitness class that is good for motivating me not only to actually show up to workout but also to challenge me to work muscles I wouldn't normally work if left to my own devices. And there is always something so satisfying about that perfect level of soreness you experience when you got a good workout in. I'm not talking about a debilitating level of soreness but rather that soreness that says "you rocked your workout yesterday and you are on your way to increased strength and stamina!"Workout classes are also great for staving off boredom and allowing you to be flexible in your training. Feeling a little sore after an intense long run? A yoga class might be just the thing you need. Or feeling like you've been too heavy on the cardio? Maybe it's time to throw in a kettle bell class or a boot camp. But seeking out different classes can be a challenge because different classes are usually at different studios with different fee structures. It can get expensive if you want to engage in different workouts at different studios each week. It doesn't usually make sense to take on a package at any particular studio and paying a la carte and spending around $20 per session can bust anybody's budget.  But now there are two new products on the market that make working out at multiple studios a breeze: ClassPass and Fitmob.  ...more

Wonder Women who Changed the World

"Who runs the world?  Girls!" #womenslives #blogher #NaBloPoMo...more


I feel like bloggers spend so much of their time and energy explaining how you can make money by blogging that few touch base on the fact that owning a blog costs money as well -  money to start up, to maintain and to promote. While you don't have to start pumping out money towards your blog as soon as you create the website, you will find that along the way costs will slowly creep up on you. Keep in mind that the costs listed below will change depending on what hosting provider you are using to support your blog....more

How to have a Conversation with Well-Meaning People

We all have our family of origin, and then we have our family of friends.It ’s one of the great perks of adulthood — you get to pick a second family of friends who love you.While it ’s likely that both these families love you and care about you and want the best for you, you may have noticed that most of them neither know nor care much about your work.They don’t understand what you do. They don’t understand why you do it. It probably even seems kind of crazy to them.That ’s okay. ...more

The Women in My Life

When I saw it was March 1 AND Women's History Month.  March 1 means it is closer to spring.  After going through my first New Hampshire winter, I am ready for some spring flowers and wearing only 1 layer of clothing....more

Is it Really a Good Idea to Post Pictures on Facebook?

I worry that if I did join Facebook and posted things I did with friends, I may offend some people. For example, let's say I celebrated a birthday and got together with friends. It's something that would probably be important to me, and so I would want to post it. Obviously, if I have a party, I can't invite everybody. And that's the problem. Some of my Facebook friends would likely see my pictures and would be offended that they were not invited to the party. ...more

Betsy Ross, Thank you

Alrighty, today I need to remember important women who have shaped the world and my first thought is Betsy Ross. I know that may seem cliche but the reality is to create a symbol that has lasted over 200 years. Yes, there is a series of doubts and undocumentation but she was a seamstress whom had nothing more to show the dear George Washington what she had made....more

Susan B. Anthony was a blogger! B. Anthony was a blogger!Monday, March 2, 2015It’s Women’s History Month. There has been so many important women who have shaped the world. Who do you immediately think of when you think about women (past or present) who bring about change?...more
Denise Miss. Understood I suspected as much but wanted confirmation. Thank you.more