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Writing Lab - Passion (Day 2)

In Response toBlogHer Writing Lab’sTuesday, February 2, 2016How do you find a new passion?...more

Passion Police

 February is a month to blog about Passion. What you are passionate about? Who are you passionate about? What fuels your passions and stuff like that? Blah blah, love, passion, moon, spoon, June. Not feeling it. But I am only 5 days into the month so anything is possible....more

What would you want to learn if you could find someone to teach you?

What would you want to learn if you could find someone to teach you? I would find someone to teach me the ways of blogging better. How they keep up the motivation and inspiration to do it every day. There are so many things I would love to say, but fear putting it all out in the open.How do they freely write about their personal lives and post it in the world wide web where it will ultimately stay forever. We all know once that publish button has been hit, you cannot undo it....more

My Offline Life is Richer Because of My Online Life

Sure, there's a special quality to a face-to-face conversation. No electronic gizmo can replace the intimacy of a hug. You can't dry someone's tears over a cable modem. But there are times when you need to cry without letting the other person know you're weeping, to listen to a confidante without showing that you're shocked, to share a family moment without admitting that you're alone. ...more

IoT Leaders As Unpredictable As The Space

When Internet of Things (IoT) thought leaders take to social media, the way that they read and interact is both targeted and varied, much like IoT itself. And if you want to connect with them (or join their ranks) you need to understand how that interaction looks ahead of jumping on Twitter and blindly tweeting at them!...more

Celebrating Small Victories

Today I want to talk about celebrating the small victories.  ...more

Facebook Made Me An A-Hole, And Here’s How

I’m a recovering Facebook junkie. There should be a 12 steps program to deal with this troubling addiction....more

February Catch Up

January went by in a sort of blur. Did anyone else find that so? Our weather was unusually warm and mild, with one dip down into below-freezing temperatures and a four-inch snowfall that didn't stick around very long. Thomas had to miss a bit of work because of the snow and some cold and windy days when they canceled work....more

Getting Found on the Web – Why You Need Link Optimization

We hear a lot about optimization these days, on all fronts – landing pages, mobile vs. desktop, SEO… but what about link optimization? Worrying about internal link structure might seem like a low priority, with everything else that could make your list – but actually, you need to get this right. Here’s why....more