It's International Podcast Day! What Are Your Favorite Podcasts?

September 30th is International Podcasting Day. I love podcasts! I listen to them in the car and out on runs. Most of these podcasts are focused toward endurance and outdoor sports -- running, triathlons, climbing -- but I also have a bunch of non-exercises podcasts, too. To celebrate International Podcasting Day, here are my favorites for 2015! Let me know YOUR favorite podcasts in the comment section below. ...more
I recommend The Serial Serial! It offers an analysis of the story I hadn't considered beforemore

Stop Pretending You Never Posted That Thing on Facebook

Let's pretend that a writing site posted about a contest on their Facebook page. There was a buzz of discussion about the contest on the site and blogs. A few days later, the site posted again, this time with a very different due date for the contest. As in a much earlier due date than the original date. It greatly reduced the number of people who could make the cut-off. But this new post was standing in place of the original post. The original post was nowhere to be found. ...more
For the most part I agree. If posted for a while apology or correction in order. If you ...more

(TUTORIAL) How to Edit Your Vertical Videos for YouTube

Making the jump from filming to editing that perfect video is easy once you know the steps. This tutorial will get you to a place where you're ready to hit publish by making your videos YouTube-ready. ...more
I have been wanting to do this with my Periscope videos. Thank you so much. Very helpful!more

Telling the Cranky Old Lady Who Lives in My Head That I #AmWriting

Oh, how I love writing! Especially when I have something funny I want to write about. Or something poignant! Or something deep, or gross or... anything, really. I just love writing! Except, when I don't. Like right now. ...more
Ha! This is so great!!! And I would totally come to your #AmWriting retreats - sounds super fun ;)more

Let's Dish on NaBloPoMo's October Theme

So what is the NaBloPoMo theme of the month? ...more
Looking forward to this!more

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog With StumbleUpon

As a blogger, managing all the different social media platforms can be a challenge. Each works differently, requires different sized images, attracts different demographics, etc. It's a time commitment to learn each one and discover how you can use it to drive traffic to your blog. I didn't start using StumbleUpon for my blog until about two months after I started blogging. I had used it during college to find funny or interesting articles, but hadn't thought to use it for my blog. And that was a huge mistake! ...more
I just started blogging earlier this year, and it seems that only people I know read my blogs ...more

#BlogHerFood15 Speaker Michael Procopio Talks Writing, Eating and His Stance on Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Michael Procopio, writer and blogger at Food for the Thoughtless, shares some great advice on blogging in the very competitive food space (along with some advice you probably shouldn’t follow), real insight into what to expect if you dream of being a writer and spills his true feelings on kale, pumpkin spice lattes and Sriracha sauce....more

Why the Facebook Messenger Payment Option Is Dangerous

By now, you're likely aware of the ability to send money to friends via Facebook Messenger. If you're not, read this, and know that it's a dangerous bit of mischief. Here's why. ...more
That too ;)more

5 Reasons #BlogHerFood15 Is a Food Blogger's Recipe for Success

#BlogHerFood15 has a lot for anyone, but for food bloggers, this is the go-to conference of the year....more
This looks like a wonderful event. I look forward to attending future BlogHerFood events in the ...more

4 Tactics for Keeping Your Audience Watching Longer Videos

People are always talking about how shorter is better for online video. While this is true for many videos, sometimes you need more time to go in-depth and explain a more complicated topic or tell a longer story. At Weelicious we often have recipes that are more complex and just take more time to explain. We’ve found that with the right type of content and style, audiences are open to watch longer. Here are four ways you can make sure viewers keep watching beyond a couple minutes....more