8 Blogs With Awesome Halloween Crafts

This month, these DIY and craft blogs are going creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky … altogether ooky, in fact. Follow them for inspiration for everything from costumes to parties to a thousand ideas for Halloween pumpkins. ...more
Love Made's blog. It's such a great site for sewing and crafting good fun. =)more

Surprise! Your Instagram Photos are Being Used for Marketing

Another day, another story in the Wall Street Journal of how the photos we post to our social media accounts are being used without our knowledge.  That picture of your first Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte of the season, your kid eating Pringles, that Diet Coke can in your hand at the neighbourhood picnic: they're all being rounded up by companies such as Ditto Labs and used to know more about you so companies can best target ads or conduct research. ...more
is hashtagging included or do you need to mention them?more

How to Build Your Brand Presence on Instagram

The numbers don’t lie: the popular photography app Instagram has nearly 200 million active users monthly. Are you tapping into this engaged group of social media users? ...more
make best your life make rest your life liaqatmasihmore

8 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers

If you haven’t checked out Pinterest yet, you are missing out! Just like old-school scrapbooks, Pinterest is a place to organize online images you find interesting or inspiring by creating customized, themed boards. It is a lot of fun, but once you’ve gotten down the basics, you'll need to start focusing on your interactions on this social media site.  Here is how to find more followers! ...more
Good tips. I wasn't aware of "rich pins".more

7 Great Rules for Submitting Your Writing

Submitting your writing for consideration on websites is not usually a high interaction activity, however, it still calls for a certain etiquette.  While not always necessary in getting your writing accepted, blog submission etiquette goes a long way with editors and could definitely earn you some brownie points with certain publications! I have found that following these 7 simple rules has helped me keep my elbows off the table when submitting my work and even earned me a gold star a few times. ...more
TRSOne_ Pecked2DeathByChckns Thanks so much!  I myself do nothing with advice that isn;t really ...more

Do You Share a Facebook Account with Your Significant Other?

Most of my friends already know that I share my Facebook account with my husband, Enzo.  It has my name on it, but we both use it. When he feels the need to comment on a post, he puts an E symbol to indicate that he is the one posting. ...more
its isnt a big deal - hes not into social media  - and has nothing to do with trustmore

Karina Carrel's Book on Her Experience With Lymphoma

Karina Carrel from Cafe Delites recently published a book titled: Liberation - Breaking The Chains To Survival And Freedom. ...more

7 Vegetarian and Vegan Blogs to Inspire You

It's Vegetarian Awareness Month, and there's no better way to become aware of incredible cooking techniques, explore new ingredients, and learn about vegetarian and vegan philosophies than by finding a few new blogs to follow … and fall in love with. ...more

8 Years of Blogging Taught Me Something About Getting Through Blogger Burnout

Yes, blogger burnout was recently an article in the New York Times, but before it hit mainstream media, I was already seeing post after post about people who had hit a wall with blogging. Capricious Reader asked how we solve a problem like blogger burnout. Estella's Revenge explained that she's not just in a reading slump; she's bored with book blogging. And Bookfoolery not only talked about the future of her blog, but pointed out others who are talking about this very same thing: blogger burnout. ...more
Oh my GOODNESS!  I'm nodding, agreeing, thinking, and applauding!  I've been a blogger for over ...more

3 Ways to Improve Your DSLR Photography

I learned a few things right off the bat in my time with Loretta. (That's my camera's name, after Loretta Lynn.) I thought I'd share, so you can enter into DSLR World with a head full of knowledge! It can be rough, turning on the camera for the first time, seeing all those buttons and thinking, but I just wanna take photos! ...more
FashionCrazedFoodie Yes! Do it! When I first got mine, I was SO RELIEVED. Finally, I didn't have ...more