Crunch Your Way Through October's NaBloPoMo

So what is the NaBloPoMo theme of the month? ...more

5 Tips to Be Yourself In a Social Media Perfected World

It's no secret that as women, we want it all — the perfect family, the perfect career, the perfect body. Of course, life isn't perfect, and people don't reach the same goals at the same time. The problem is, that's becoming increasingly difficult to remember in today's world. Before, we only had to worry about meeting our mother's social deadlines. Now, it's impossible to scroll our Facebook newsfeeds without seeing a new engagement photo, job announcement, or laudatory updates regarding people's lives in general. The pressure to keep up can be enormous, and constant comparison leads to what's being referred to as "social media depression." Social media depression occurs when we're bombarded by other people's achievements and, as a result, start to question the validity of our own. ...more
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Why I Write About Race

" Why do you write so much about race?" It was a question put to me by a reader who also happens to know me personally. She is White and is surprised by some of the things that I have said. I responded that this blog, My so Called Glamorous Life, is about my very unglamorous and normal life. It's my perspective on a lot of things that affect me on an ongoing basis—like being a wife and a mother. Sometimes I post recipes, because I love to bake. Or I write about books, because I love to read, particularly children's and Young Adult books....more
mom21mom2all  "red, yellow, black, white was reserved for their crayons." I like that.  Thanks ...more

InfluenceHer 360: An Incredible Story of the Power of Blogging

BlogHer’s Influencers have always been at the heart of BlogHer’s growth, success, and stability in an ever-changing digital marketplace. We’ve learned a lot together, and our Influencers' awesome content and communities have given us an incredible results story to share with sponsors. I am writing to say thank you to them, and to share how BlogHer Influencers are helping to set new standards for excellence. ...more
As a software product manager and blogger, I know that this is HUGE for the team who has worked ...more

Announcing the InfluenceHer 360 Platform and the BlogHer Guarantee

I am excited to announce the official launch of BlogHer's proprietary InfluenceHer 360 platform, a key step forward in accountability for digital publishing. ...more
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Renee Matthews Writes for Black and Married with Kids

Dr. Renee Matthews, blogger at Ask Dr. Renee, is one of the newest writers for She will be sharing health information with their readers. ...more

Must-Follow Monday: Blogs for Hispanic Heritage Month

It’s Hispanic Heritage Month! Started on September 15, this monthlong event continues through October 15 to celebrate and honor the contributions of Americans whose ancestors come from Spain, Mexico, and Central and South America. Here are a few Latina bloggers to watch. Of course, this list is not complete... so please feel free to let us know which Latina blogs you'd like to recommend in the comments. ...more
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Social Media Sites Off the Beaten Path: 9 Sites You Should Know

Everyone and their mother has a Facebook or Twitter account.  But what about all those other social media networks; the ones that don't get the love and attention they deserve?  There really is a site for every interest; you need to go find it.  Whether it's in a social media site you've heard of but didn't originally think was for you, or in one you never even knew existed, there's plenty out there beyond Facebook and Twitter!  Here are 9 sites you may have overlooked. ...more
Pinterest is by far one of my favorite social media sites right now, and I'm getting the hang of ...more

Yo Ho Ho: 7 Ways to Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day

Greetin's, ye buxom wenches. In honor o' Jack Sparrow, the Dread Pirate Roberts, and other scurvy dogs o' that ilk, we at BlogHer brin' ye a handful o' ways t' celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day. ...more
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Can iOS 8 Help Save Your Life? With Medical ID, Yes It Can!

Every time Apple releases a new iOS, I find something to geek out on a little bit. One time I fawned over the DND function. This time I am surprising even myself and not marking the new and native camera timer as my #1 feature for iOS 8. Nope. That title belongs to the Medical ID functionality found within Apple's new Health App dashboard. If you run, walk, bike, travel, drive, sit on the couch all day playing Frozen Free Fall, or walk to your mailbox with your phone, this could help save your life in an accident. ...more
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