Laura Love's Book on Soft Solder Techniques Coming Soon

Laura Beth Love of Dishfunctional Designs has a new book, Soldered Alchemy: 24 Jewelry Projects Using New Soft-Solder Techniques, available for pre-order. ...more
Thanks for sharing my good news! It was a great experience meeting with a New York Times editor!more

Iggy Azalea Quit Twitter. Would You?

The haters gonna hate hate hate, and we may be counseled by the Taylor Swifts of the world to "shake it off," but Iggy Azalea is taking a different route to respond to nasty tweets online: take this Twitter and shove it. ...more
JoAnneApple I totally agree with that. Sometimes dealing with all the negativity starts to turn ...more

SEO for Beginners

So, you are a beginner blogger? Welcome! There is so much to learn, and I’m guessing one of the most daunting is SEO. You know you need to do it. You know you should be doing it from the beginning. But where do you start? Here is your handy guide to SEO for Beginners....more
I take being a "Beginner" to a new low. I don't understand the first two categories about On ...more

How to Write a Delicious Food Blog Post

So, you have started your food blog. Now comes the hard part: providing good content. But don't worry, this is also one of the fun parts of blogging. How do you write good content though? I'm glad you asked, I'm here to take you through the steps! ...more
thegomamas You have great recipes on your site, but on first glance it seems that there are more ...more

Following Your Blogs & Social Media Streams Help Me Fight Cancer

All my friends are doing amazing things right now. Raising absurdly photogenic children. Taking blues cruises to the Caribbean. Making records. Producing TV spots narrated by Bradley Cooper. Having mimosas with brunch. I see it all on my newsfeed, and I’m fascinated and a little wistful. I’m also grateful. It’s probably destroying the very fabric of our culture, but I’m sure glad social media exists right now. I’m thankful I can browse my friends’ day-to-days, and soak up their great moments vicariously, because my life is on pause. ...more
you described my "life of pause" so accurately i almost cried...stage2c invasive situ....  hold ...more

How to Build an Awesome Online Community (and Why It's So Important)

When you start a blog, you will hear a lot about how to grow your audience. You will read about gaining readers and followers, and why SEO is important. All of those things are important for page views—but there is something I believe is far more rewarding and important for everything you do online: building your online community. ...more
Kindness. Exactly. I think it's the kindness above all else. Yes, you can have bad days and ...more

Should You Delete Your Old Blog Posts?

Should you delete your old blog posts? I've heard arguments for both sides and both make sense. A bunch of articles I found on Google come from the SEO point-of-view on why you might not want to get rid of old content. ...more
RachelintheOC I started RealityTC in 2003 & I'm glad I cleaned house regularly! I've always ...more

Why Blogger Is My Favorite Blogging Platform

I use Blogger as my primary blogging platform, and I adore it. I used to be embarrassed because I had "blogspot" in my URL. I used to feel like a complete idiot when I attended conferences and couldn't fathom what all the WordPress people were discussing. But now? Now I own it....more
This.  I have blogs on BOTH platforms and my most successful with more organic search results ...more

Have You Ever Experienced Blogger's Remorse?

I'm an introvert. Let's just make that clear right now. I am a quiet bookworm that loves to be in her PJs on a comfy couch with a good book and snacks within arm's reach. But I've loved writing for most of my life. And blogging? Well, it just makes sense. I've got stories to tell and things to say and don't always have a willing audience to indulge me. (My unsupportive one-year-old child keeps walking away from me unless she wants something, can you believe it?) ...more
I haven't felt remorse but I have the constant feeling of self doubt. Do people really want to ...more

Announcing the #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us Call for Volunteers!

In 2005 we launched our first BlogHer conference, and we did it with the help of our community. Since that time, volunteers have been a staple in our conference planning, and once again the time has come... time to volunteer for #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us in New York! We call these volunteer positions BlogHerships. ...more
I understand that this does not cover travel expenses - but does it cover hotel accommodations ...more