Get Inspired to KonMari Your Home with the Life-Changing Magic of YouTube

If they gave out report cards for housekeeping, I would not get an A in organization. I love organization in principle but I find attempts to do it completely overwhelming. If you add in that my brain tends to remember where objects are in relation to other objects, moving and reorganizing all the things puts me on the fast track to having a meltdown. But I keep trying. So when I started seeing Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up appearing frequently in my social media streams, I decided I really needed to check out the whole KonMari method. ...more
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10 Simple Tips to Improve the Way You Send Emails

No one really teaches us how to use email, which means that we sometimes don't use it very well. A healthy mailing list unsubscribe rate is less than 0.5%. What if your unsubscribe rate is higher? Or maybe you find that people don't respond to your emails in the way you were hoping. Here are 10 simple ways to improve your email etiquette. ...more

7 Tips to Nail Your Own Headshot

In this age of social media and blogging, everyone should have at least one great headshot. Throw it on your blog, your Facebook account, your Twitter avatar, your LinkedIn profile: anywhere people want to connect a face to the name. ...more
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JoAnn Crohn Gives Tips for Traveling With Kids

JoAnn Crohn of Whimsicle recently appeared on the Phoenix CBS affiliate morning news to give parents tips on how to travel with kids. ...more

Have You Experienced the Internet Outrage Machine?

Amanda Palmer recently had an article in the New Statesman about the Internet Outrage Machine. You know the one. Someone writes something online: They put out a thoughtless tweet, trying to be funny; or a business tries to capitalize on a hashtag; or they write a blog post that rubs everyone the wrong way. And then the Internet piles on that person, flipping out. ...more

BlogHer Strong: Why I'm Headed to My Fifth Straight Conference This July

In four weeks, I'll be Conference Strong. I'll be idea-open, inspiration-ready, community-bound, and with my people. If I were the commune living type, I could only be hoeing and raking the carrot patch alongside BlogHer people. ...more
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Taking Selfies After My Divorce Helped Me Figure Out Who I Wanted To Be

Once my divorce was final, I became increasingly more active on social media. Along with taking more risks with what I was willing to share, I changed my profile picture for the first time in years. Fun! Now that I didn’t have to fit anyone else’s vision but my own, I could play with which pictures....more
lindasblogs yes agreed! Divorce can knock you out! And what kind of friends would trash talk a ...more

5 Essential Tips to Keep You Focused While Writing

This is the thing I say to myself most often: "Stop getting sidetracked and just write." As a blogger, I know that there are so many traps to suck up my time. It is really hard to avoid some of those tricky situations that often sideline my writing. ...more
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Don't Forget to Do These Vital Things Online Before #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us

One of the best things about attending a BlogHer event is the connections you make with other attendees....more
Do your social profiles share who you are and what you care about? Here's how to doublecheck, an ...more

Fancy and Handsome: What We're Wearing to #BlogHer15

"Put your tie on, Mommy! It's so handsome!" she yells from her room. Even though I just picked up, there are clothes all over the floor. Again. There are always clothes on the floor. Dresses, skirts that twirl, and there should be one pair of shorts in that pile somewhere, but we can never find that one approved pair of shorts. Her clothes don't look like mine. She's six. She's so fancy....more
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