#BlogHer15: Experts Among Us Voices of the Year Submissions Are Open!

EDITED ON 2/9: Submissions have closed for the 2015 #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us Voices of the Year.EDITED ON 01/19: See below for clarification on the definition of submission categories.Today, we kick off your nominations for the Voices of the Year, our annual celebration of the most inspiring voices in our community. From these nominations will emerge our honorees, some of whom will take the stage to keynote #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us, in a gala event at the BlogHer annual conference in New York City in July 2015....more
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Blogger Beware: You CAN Get Sued For Using Photos You Don't Own on Your Blog

One of the things I learned early on was that a post with a photo always looked nicer than one with just text. So I looked at what other people were doing for pictures.  And mostly it seemed that everyone was grabbing pics from Google Images and pasting them on their sites. Sometimes with attribution, most of the time without. And when I asked others (or looked at disclaimers on websites and Tumblrs), it seemed that everyone agreed using pics that way was okay under Fair Use standards. ...more
So helpful, thank-you for posting great advise in a way we can all understand, in simple terms, ...more

How to Manage Your Facebook Marketing in 30 Minutes a Day

Your day is packed with appointments, phone calls, emails and actual work, right?  When are you supposed to fit in your social media time?  People ask me this question all the time, and my answer never varies.  How much time do you already spend on marketing?  This is part of your marketing. That doesn’t mean it needs to take you all day. Let’s break it down. ...more
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5 Design Aspects to Keep In Mind When Choosing Images for Text

We've already discussed the reasons why adding text to images is a good idea. Now it's time to talk design! Can you add text to any image? Well, you can, but should you? Knowing which images will look lovely and work to your advantage when placing text on them can feel tricky. Which images work? Which don't? ...more
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8 New Ways to Use Your Blog’s Newsletter

Is your blog's newsletter stuck in a rut? Are you looking to improve your open or click-through rates? Besides using it to promote new posts on your blog, there are lots of other things you can do with a newsletter to make it engaging and valuable for readers. Remember that it's important to have a good balance of self-promotion (your posts etc.) and other information that may be of interest to your readers. This will help build your brand and build the value of your newsletter, ensuring loyal readers going forward. ...more
Some really useful ideas — I'll have to try these out on our next newsletter!more

5 Things I Learned in My First Year of Blogging

My blog officially turned one on the 23rd! It still amazes me that I've been able to maintain this blog for so long and consistently post, grow and learn more about blogging on a daily basis! I've tried and failed to keep a blog in the past, but this time it stuck! ...more
Yes, yes, yes!  I've been blogging since July, and have learned mos oft the same lessons so far. ...more

Welcome to BlogHer University! January Class: How to Add Text to Images

We've all seen the pretty-pretty graphics on social media, and possibly wished we were graphic designers … or could hire some graphic designers … or had the time and money to master Photoshop. In January, BlogHer staff and some of our favorite design-minded bloggers will show you easy (and often free!) ways to place your words onto gorgeous backgrounds—both photos you've taken and photos and images we'll help you find. ...more
Great idea! Can't wait to see what's to come in the next few weeks!more

Can Blogging Help You Reinvent Your Career?

It took nearly 18 years before I realized that science just wasn't my passion. I was good at it, I had a bright future in front of me, but every time I took a coveted day off, I found myself wanting more. In fact, what I found myself wanting was to write. So I turned what I wanted to do into a career. ...more
Gail Mader -  I totally agree with you about the nasty comments that John McCurdy and tts38 have ...more

Top 5 Reasons #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us Is Going Back to The Hilton New York

You have likely heard by now that #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us is returning to New York City, and tickets are selling now (and fast). Actually, not only are we going back to the Big Apple but we are returning to the largest hotel in New York, the Hilton New York. ...more
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12 Free Blogging Tools You Need for 2015

This was my first year of blogging and I wanted to create a list of resources I have come to love and depend on. These aren't necessarily new resources, but they're ones you'll want for your blog if you don't already use them. So here are my top 12 resources for blogging in 2015. ...more
There are some great things in this post. I definitely agree with Wordpress.org as the ...more